About Us

TechJeep is a technological and gaming website that started back in 2013. TechJeep is known for covering all the happenings in the gaming and technological world we are dedicated to provide you the latest updates. The team behind TechJeep has a combined experience of over 5 years and they are taking things to the next level.

TechJeep has been cited by several major gaming websites; meet the team behind TechJeep.

Zunair Nasir | Founder

Zunair started TechJeep back in 2013 with the aim of bringing latest news to the people, he happens to be an avid gamer and his favourite genre is role-playing games; he also happens to be an Google Analytics fan who is always monitoring how good the website is doing. When he is not active on the website, you can find him slaying dragons in Dragon Age, Killing Reapers in Mass Effect or doing some experiments on his Android device.

Furqan Shahid | Chief Editor and Metal Head

Furqan joined TechJeep in early 2015 and has been working on the site ever since, he is a hardcore PC gamer and enthusiast who takes care of most of the posts on the website. He’s also good with Android tutorials. In his free time; he likes to play all sorts of AAA games or listen to Heavy Metal.

Other Team Members:

Jason Lee | Writer

Arslan Waseem | Writer