Businesses today implement today’s most advanced tech in order to gain a competitive edge. However, modern technology is so complex that it can be intimidating to the average person with no prior experience. In order to augment your company with the latest and greatest tech, you’ll need some insight. Here’s what you need to know.


With the heavy dependence on tech in the digital age comes cyber threats. Hackers seek to disrupt even the lives of individuals, so it’s no surprise that they also tend to target businesses. Whether this is because of a political agenda, for profit, or even just for fun, hackers often try to disrupt the operations of a business or steal its data. That means that cybersecurity is an essential part of protecting your company these days. Cybersecurity means many things, from security measures such as multi-factor authentication to software such as antimalware and antivirus, and you’ll need a vast arsenal in order to fully protect your business from bad actors. Hiring a team of cybersecurity experts is the best way to ensure that everything is up to snuff, because no one security measure is enough, and the tools of the trade can become cumbersome and incomprehensible very quickly. A cybersecurity specialist can also help to train your employees how to best protect themselves and the company online. One example of this is password security. The average password is easily remembered, and that can mean that it’s also easy for a hacker to crack, so experts recommend using a more esoteric password that contains a meaningless string of characters to throw hackers off the scent.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things, also known as IoT, is a school of design that promotes enhancing mundane devices via wifi. This can be simple, even quaint in the wake of the smartphone revolution, but IoT takes things to the next level. IoT devices excel at creating a collective of devices that is superficially comparable to a computer network. Where IoT technology excels is that this can be connected to remote control and remote monitoring of each of these devices, and this has spawned the concept of the smart home or the smart office. Users can connect any number of devices to a central hub like a virtual assistant or a smartphone app using the same wifi connection to consolidate all of these functions into one place. This has major ramifications not only for the home lives of many, but also the way businesses operate. IoT smart offices are becoming the new normal because they dramatically increase the efficiency of a company’s daily operations.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most ubiquitous online activities, and that gives platforms like Facebook and Twitter an astronomical user base, approximately half of Earth’s population. This means that social media is one of the most potent marketing tools available not only to businesses, but also to freelance artists and content creators. The global nature of social media can be even more beneficial for online retailers who can cater to an international audience, but even your domestic audience will be much more expansive on the average social media platform. You can and should have more than one social media account representing your company in order to cover all of your bases, but this can necessitate a social media manager. Social media platforms offer a variety of marketing tools that offer traditional services in a more convenient, and often free form, but they also offer, good, old fashioned, paid advertising space as one would expect.

Managing a modern business requires at least cursory knowledge of the latest technology. While you might not have a head for technical data or mathematics, knowing the basics primes you to make smarter decisions from the ground up. Using these tips, you’ll be able to create a tech friendly infrastructure within your business in order to excel.