Be it the recent public health crisis or a desire to cut costs, you may want to transition your company online. Here’s where you can start to make the transition successful.


Your accounting department is one of the easiest things you can transition to online. If you don’t already, you can switch to online accounting software. That way, everyone in your accounting department can access the program remotely. You can use an online accounting program with almost any revenue recognition model, including ASC 606. It doesn’t matter if you have a small startup or a massive corporation.

In most cases, accountants don’t need to be working in the office to do their jobs. You can provide a company computer, or you can have employees use their personal devices. Either way, your accounting team is a great place to start when transitioning online.

Human Resources

Along with accounting, you can easily transition other back-office work to be online. Human resources is a great next option because you can use technology to communicate with the team and other areas of the company. If there’s an issue that requires HR support, you can use a video conferencing tool so that everyone can talk. Your HR team can also use email and phone lines to communicate when a video call isn’t necessary.

Whether your HR or accounting department manages payroll, that’s another task you can make remote. Depending on your accounting method and software, you can have your payroll specialist run the numbers from anywhere.


As more and more individuals use the internet to find new products and services, companies have to keep up. If you want to transition your company to be online, you need to include your marketing team. Instead of relying on old-school campaigns, like billboards, switch your marketing focus toward social media. Have your marketing team create posts for Facebook and Instagram.

If you give marketing team members access to the company account, they can publish posts and ads as necessary. That way, you can grow your online presence as you build a remote business.


While some companies may have door-to-door salespeople, it’s not always the best method. Like marketing, more and more sales are happening remotely and via the internet. You can give your sales team phones and emails that they can use from home. They can continue to make sales calls and send emails, but they don’t need to be in an office. If you need to have a sales team meeting, you can use video conferencing for that.

When your company does most sales over the phone anyway, there’s no need for employees to work in person. They can be just as productive when working from home or another remote site.

Customer Service

Good customer service can make or break your company’s reputation, but even customer service reps don’t have to work at the office. If you provide support through email, phone or chat, your customer service team can work from home. You can use online tools, like email, to communicate with that team of employees. Like your sales team, they can use their personal or company devices to help customers.

If you want to transition your company online, customer service is another great team for that. You can email training documents and scripts for representatives to use. And when something changes, you can use email to keep everyone up-to-date.

Products and Services

If you want to transition your company to be completely online, you need to figure out what you can sell over the internet. Perhaps your company writes fiction or nonfiction books. You have been publishing physical copies, but now, you can sell eBooks and digital downloads. If you offer consulting services, you can use a video program to provide live or pre-recorded consulting sessions.

The options are there, but it can be hard for some businesses to find profitable digital products and services.

Transitioning your company online is no easy feat. But you can start with your accounting team or another department. Then, you can slowly move every employee to working remotely.