How to Create a Productive Environment When Working From Home?

Description: For those of us who have to work from home for the first time, or maybe folks who have been for a while and can’t get the life-work balance in the same environment quite right, we have some suggestions that just might help you thrive.


For modern-day professionals that do most of their work on computers, the option for remote working, also known as work from home, has become the best way to do the job, while staying safe during the pandemic. The use of an office in your house, or setting up a workstation at the dining table, has replaced the cubicle farm many of us know so well.

And in the advent of this ideal, there are two camps: the people who love it and those who can’t stand it. Some professions have always been some version of remote business practices. Writers, in all their different skill sets, typically write from an office near or in their house. But anyone who strives to keep their job and family life separate must adjust their perspective to compensate.

Work From Home: Finding the Balance

For the cubicle crowd, Friday has always been a star shooting across the sky, signaling the coming weekend. Having something to look forward to, namely being away from the job and with the family, was a driving force to push through even the worst workday. So, when you are at your house every day, and Friday feels like a fluid concept, how do you stay motivated? How to catch that blazing star while working from home?

It is a mindset. Take some famous writers. Clive Barker rented space in a strip mall to have somewhere to go away from the house each day. Janet Evanovich wears a pantsuit because she takes her job seriously. Roald Dahl wrote most of his books from a shed behind his house. Dean Koontz has a home office full of his published works. They come to do their job, even when at their house.

Below are some ways for you to be more efficient despite the chaos of home life:

  1. Office Hours

This is actually a two-part concept. You should not only maintain office hours as you would at the job you used to commute to, but having a private space, with a door you can close, further rounds out the illusion of being at the office. This takes some pretending, but eventually, as the work from home routine settles in, it will feel more normal.

  1. Dress the Part

Can you work without pants? Sure. Working from home, you can do your job naked, or in a bathrobe, or wearing a costume. But it isn’t how you did it before, and your office clothes symbolized being present in a professional environment. Create a new uniform if you must, but wear something that is business appropriate, if for nothing else than to sell yourself on it.

  1. Respect for the Workplace

Here you also have a two-part concept and a couple of great work from home ideas. If your family or friends don’t visit you at your job, let them know to leave you alone during office hours at home. And keep your workspace neat. A cluttered environment is a precursor to mind cluttering.

  1. Office Space

Your office space is now how work from home looks like — you have taken your job and brought it with you because you have to. Embrace that this is your new normal. It will help you mentally.

  1. Breaks

You get breaks at the office, then continue to take them. A work from home benefit is access to your own fridge. Plan out a lunch hour. And yes, this part you can spend with the family.

  1. Communicate

Unless you are your own boss, someone else is writing your checks, and they want to know what they are paying for. Keep an open line to your superiors. And be polite, even if you think work from home indeed is your nightmare scenario. And you have to remember that working from home keeps your small business or career safe from the good old immortal romance at work.

Conclusion: If you still can’t quite wrap your head around why work from home during COVID is important, consider that it helps everyone stay safe and finally end this pandemic so that we can get back to normal. If you are stuck because of work from home COVID 19 safety protocols, embrace the benefits, and let the other parts go. The upsides outweigh the deficits if you look at them right. Have you been resigned to remote work?

Bio: Ellen Royce is an experienced marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur. Having started several small businesses online, she knows the importance of effective content marketing is for starting businesses. Ellen loves writing articles on the newest online marketing and technology trends to share on her blog.