Post submitted by Jayde Lynch

Twitch has benefited from a huge user growth over the past few months, with millions of users logging on each day to watch gamers broadcasting live video game play. This has left a lucrative opening for gaming influencers, and if you’re one of the millions logging on to watch your favorite streamers, you may have wondered if there’s more use for your beloved gaming room than you originally thought. So how exactly do you become a gaming influencer on Twitch, or for that matter, any other livestream platform?

Find your niche and audience

Unsurprisingly, competition is fierce in the world of gaming influencers. In order to stand from the crowd, you’ll need to build your personal brand. Start by focusing on what you’re the most passionate about, whether that’s game reviews, walkthroughs or tutorials, and zone in on that niche. Creating a strong community will be easier if you establish a clear focus before you start out, and it will also help you attract the brands you most want to work with.

From here, you can start building your audience, which is crucial if you want to ensure a strong presence on the platform. Your aim is to create a community of subscribers who will regularly tune in to watch your content. Engage with your audience, and try to understand them in order to build a strong relationship. This is important if you want to compete with top gaming influencers, as brands are more inclined to work with active influencers who have a strong relationship with their audience. To help you understand your community, try tools like SocialBlade and Twitch Tracker, which will provide you with valuable user insights.

Keep your audience engaged and growing

Building your audience is an on-going process, and the quality of your content is vital to keeping it alive. For this, you’ll need a content strategy for your live streaming. Plan the topics you want to cover, the format you’re going to use, the frequency of streaming and the essence of what you want to communicate. Failure to map out these important details will leave you with unreliable output and will make it difficult to get audience insights. Every livestream you do will inform your next as long as you keep engaging with your audience, and this will help you to hone your craft as you progress. You’ll also need to promote your content if you want to reach your audience. Be consistent, and show potential subscribers what they can be sure of when they tune into your streams.

Think about the brands you work with

Audience and content are only part of the picture when it comes to being an influencer: the brands you work with also play a big role in your work. An increasing number of brands are now reaching out to influencers as awareness grows about the long-term benefits that they can bring to their business. Research shows that nearly 50% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations, meaning there’s never been a better time to be an influencer, and brands recognize this.

You may naturally assume that gaming companies are the most logical brands to work with, but in fact, many unrelated industries have begun working with gaming influencers. These include highly successful chains like KFC, UberEats and Doritos, and to focus your attention solely on gaming brands would cause you to miss out on lucrative partnerships. Even when your following is in its infancy, showing non-gaming brands that you’re open to collaboration will increase the likelihood of sponsorship.

We are living in the age of the influencer, and with more people flocking to live streaming platforms like Twitch, there couldn’t be a better time to become a gaming influencer. Take the time to find your niche and build a solid following, and you’ll be well on the road to attracting brands who want to work with you.