Hiring a nanny is an essential requirement of working parents to look after their children and home. One of the most significant issues while hiring a nanny is to make sure the person you are hiring is trustworthy to look after your kids. So, to mount a nanny cam in your home can help you to keep an eye on the nanny you hired. There have been numerous reports which declare the abusive actions and the misconduct of nannies with children in the absence of parents.  So, many of the parents prefer to buy a nanny cam to keep their loved ones safe.

The proper use of nanny cam is a useful tool when trusting someone with your most precious commodity as young children don’t have the language to speak and tell their parents about the situations passed on to them. So, the nanny cams are among the best advocates for babies and young children who can’t advocate for themselves.

Here are some amazing ways for you to use a nanny cam effectively, which are as follows:

1-      By placing it in lighting

To have the effective use of nanny cam, installing a camera at a lighting place is essential. These cameras need crystal clear lighting to have a crystal clear image. But in case, if you have mounted it in a great deal of bright lighting, chances are that you will not be able to see anything. So, your camera should face a significant amount of light for the best recordings.

2-      Install it behind the appearance

Try to mount the nanny camera outside from the sight of everyone. Don’t fix it at a point where someone can accidentally see it and realize it as a camera. Try to mount it at a point where no one could understand its appearance because people act differently when they are in front of the camera or if they know that they are getting recorded than their actual acts.

3-      Provide a clear vision and test it

When installing the camera, make sure the camera can clearly capture the surroundings, and there is no hurdle between it and a subject to be recorded. Clear visions are essential for clear pieces of evidence. Any obstacle in the vision can cause problems in the recording of videos and can latterly cause issues when videos are being used for some legal matters or purposes.

4-      Test it after installation

Test your nanny camera after its installation to have a test check about the area being covered, picture quality, the sharpness of image, lighting effects, and many more. Examine it, either it’s recording the sound or motion correctly or not. But this is not enough, monitor it periodically or after every two weeks for its proper functioning and activation.

5-      Install it at more than one place

If you have a big home or know that your kids keep moving from one point to the other, you should install more than one nanny cam for the maximum coverage of the location. It could help them have more recordings about the whole day and every home location that will be covered for the children’s safety because it’s for sure that one nanny cam cannot cover the entire area at a time.

6-      Clean it periodically

After installing the cam, it’s not enough to just be amazed and satisfied that you have a nanny cam at your place that will record the surroundings. As human beings, other gadgets also demand cleanliness and services for their long life. So, make sure to clean the nanny cam in the absence of nannies. The dust on the lens might affect the vision and make it blur, so check it out timely to remove dirt from it. Don’t use a wet cloth on the glass. Otherwise, the dust will be stickier and will be gathered on the lens. Make sure to clean the lens with a soft cloth for proper cleaning.


In the end, it entirely depends on you that for what purpose you are going to use a nanny cam and how many locations you want to be covered. The essential rule is to take your budget into consideration while buying a nanny cam and choose the highest quality you can go for in your budget. If you could have any extra added features in it, this could be great for you.