Very often the cost of marketing a movie even exceeds the cost of creating it. There is the only one main goal – to cover the costs of both creation and promotion due to the huge audience coverage. The movie trailer is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the film industry, and in this article, we explain why it is so important to create a trailer that will appeal to all categories of potential viewers.

The Trailer Gives the First Impression of the Film

As a rule, the first impression is the last and decisive. The trailer for the film is an ideal tool to form a first impression, even if the audience has not heard anything about the film before.

What do we do before making the choice of watching a movie online or in a movie theater? That’s right, first, we watch the trailer, then read the plot description, then read the reviews, but the first impression is already formed by the trailer. All additional sources of knowledge about the film only strengthen it.

At the same time, the creators of the trailers attach great importance to the titles mentioned and the visual component of the videos. They use elements of kinetic typography (yes, you thought it was right, these are short text messages on the whole screen that enhance the sense of intrigue), test different fonts, connect subtitles directly in the trailer – in general, they do everything to reach the viewer as efficiently as possible.

The Trailer Makes the Heart Beat Faster

Do you know this feeling of expectation of the next chapter of the film that you liked from the first minutes? Yes, most likely you were waiting with a sinking heart for the next chapter of the movie about Spider-Man and Harry Potter.

An interesting, engaging and quality trailer enhances this feeling of pleasant expectation – and further strengthens the viewer’s decision to be one of the first to watch a certain movie. Have you ever watched a trailer with the greatest impatience of not being able to see the whole movie right now? If so, then the creators of both the film and the trailer did everything right.

The Trailer Helps Make a Decision

As we have said, viewers can go in different ways when deciding to watch a movie. However, the trailer plays the most important role here.

For example, if a film has already been released, the trailer allows users to see some of the most interesting moments, feel the atmosphere of the film and understand how much what they see resonates with their inner world. In the case of the sensational, popular and anticipated film, the trailer helps to increase the sense of expectation and heat up the intrigue even more.

Moreover, trailers provide good opportunities for comparison when the viewer wants to choose between two films of the same genre. In this case, the final decision is made in just a few minutes.

The Trailer Creates the Strongest Intrigue

The main purpose of the trailer is to create a strong intrigue. That is why the filmmakers pay so much attention to the trailer. They create several versions of the script, try to make it as persuasive as possible. It is like book or article writing with the help of writing service review websites like Pick The Writer, Writing Judge etc. and make the main emphasis on the most intriguing moment.

Do you know this feeling when the trailer ends at the most interesting moment when you have already opened your mouth in admiration and expectation of what will happen next? This is intrigue. Intrigue fuels interest and interest helps make a decision about viewing.


As you can see, all the functions of the trailer are very interconnected. The main purpose of this short video is to create a strong intrigue, increase tension, provoke curiosity and force viewers to put a mental check mark that this film should be in the must-view list. At the same time, the film can be targeted to different categories of viewers – for example, both adults and children watched the most popular cartoons like the Ice Age or Despicable Me, but the main purpose of the trailer remains unchanged.

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