There are millions of apps available for students. We spend most of the time in the apps when we use our smartphones. That’s easy to understand as the apps offer all kinds of functionalities for everyday tasks, entertainment, or studies.

Many services and companies have their official apps to make it easier to reach them. Even EssayPro has its official app, which is a great advantage for students. As the global mobile app revenue has reached $462 billion in 2019, the number of them has been growing every day. So it is hard to find the best one with such a competition. This list will help you to solve this issue.

Amazing Android Apps for Students

These solutions will help students with various educational tasks, so let’s start.

  1. CamScanner

This is a great app for scanning and sharing documents. All premium features are available for free to students and professors. It turns any document into PDF while scanning. The scans can be cropped and any paper can be digitized. You can also share these documents and extract text from an image. The app even offers an AirPrint feature and ability to edit documents right inside. Another benefit is that all the documents are synchronized across platforms and devices.

  1. Google Translate

It is an amazing solution if you need a fast translation from another language. It offers translation from 103 languages overall and 59 without the internet. You can translate text by typing, copy-pasting, or by uploading an image. There is also a feature to translate text just by pointing the camera on it. It performs greatly and helps a lot while traveling or studying.

  1. Scientific Calculator

This calculator will help you with any problem. It supports not only basic mathematical calculations, but also trigonometric, hyperbolic, matrix, and logarithmic operations. You can calculate the percentage and complex numeric operations. There are also constant tables in Maths, Chemistry, and Physics. It has a history feature, which allows you to save operations and work offline.

  1. Mendeley

It is an amazing app to manage citations and research for any academic work. It supports all academic styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA, and more. In it, you can create proper and correct citations. There is also a functionality to annotate documents even in PDF format. Files can be synchronized on all devices. Mendeley can save PDF files from online search right in the app. And it works offline too.


It is an outstanding planner app that helps to organize and manage all the tasks. It has a beautiful interface, calendar, and an every day planner. It synchronizes all the tasks and events with Google and Outlook calendar, Facebook, as well as phone’s calendar. You can have all the things in one place. The to-do lists are quite easy to create and manage.

  1. Dropbox

It might not seem like a first choice student app, but it is very helpful. It is cloud storage for all your documents and files. They can be easily stored and accessed even offline. You can have all the study materials in one place and share them via a link with others. And it helps to keep a device’s memory in good health as you store everything on the cloud.

  1. Mint

This is a functional and easy to use finance and budget solution. The best thing about it is that it keeps all the information in one place. It connects your bank accounts and credit cards, as well as all the bills and investments. It also makes budgeting suggestions based on the spending history. You can even set bill reminders to never forget to pay them.

  1. StudyBlue

This one is great for revisions. You can create study flashcards to revise a course or lecture. They can also be shared with others. You can make a quiz for revision, mark study progress, and set reminders. The app is very helpful when you need to manage the course materials in an organized way.

  1. Alarm Clock

Waking up can be tricky for students sometimes. This alarm clock makes it harder to fall asleep again. To turn it off you need to solve a problem. There can be photo, math, or shake missions. You can customize the ringtone and choose the one you like best.

  1. WiseDrinking

Let’s not pretend that college life is only about studying. It has a bit of fun, too. And it is better to do the fun part responsibly. This software tracks your drinks and estimates the calories as well as alcohol intake. It makes suggestions on how much it is safe to drink based on your weight and gender. It also shows when it is better to call a taxi and locates the public transport near you. It is a good helper to keep yourself safe.

In Summary

These 10 apps will help with studying, revising, planning tasks, and managing them. They offer great functionality for free. With them, you can improve the educational process and be more productive with finances and to-do lists.