Thinking about improving your health and fitness but not discovered the right way to get motivated? So many of us have good intentions but lack the drive or haven’t found what works for us. Check out these ten android apps and see if there is one that’ll get you on the right track.

1. Headspace

This app will help you on the way by giving your mental health a boost, and help you think more positively about your own health. Meditations, SOS sessions for stressed out moments and a variety of programmes you can pick and choose from for your personal needs means Headspace is a great way to put yourself first for a while.

2. Home Workout

Want to get fit but don’t want people to see your sweaty beginners’ efforts? Try Home Workout which has a collection of different exercises including warm-ups, weight training and stretches. “You don’t need any equipment so its great if you’re just getting going. With video guides and charts tracking your progress it could be a great start” says Steven Medley, a tech writer at Australian reviewer and Ukwritings.

3. Nexercise

Getting fit comes with a bonus in this app. Earn rewards for doing exercise which come in the form of gift cards and coupons for online businesses – you can invite friends to join and then compete against them to earn medals. You also get bonus points for extra activities on the app – and even just opening it.

4. Runtastic by ADIDAS

Looking for a cutting-edge app with the latest tech advances? Try Runtastic. Popular due to embracing emerging trends, this running app allows you to track progress, stats and other analytics to help you keep on target. There are other apps by the same team including general fitness so if running alone is not your thing you can branch out.

5. Yoga Daily Fitness

Ready to dip your toe into the world of yoga and finally understand what downward dog or pigeon pose is? Try Yoga Daily Fitness which has workouts to help increase flexibility, core fitness and strength. Because it’s a free app its great when you’re getting started – although you’ll probably want to graduate to better, paid apps as you become more experienced.

6. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Use this app either when exercising the old-fashioned way, or in conjunction with another fitness app – and track your heart rate, check stats, and monitor your fitness progress. Using your phone’s inbuilt camera, the app tracks color change in your fingertips which is affected by your pulse – and turns data into a real-time graph of your heart rate.

7. Foodacute

All good fitness apps are enhanced by a nutrition app, and Foodacute is an easy to use comparison app, allowing you to compare foods side by side to see which is better for you. You can use it to track what you eat, as well as exercise, and the app will make suggestions on what you should be eating. You can also become part of the user community so there’s support and help there if you want it.

8. Lifesum

Combining fitness and diet, Lifesum is one of the better apps out there. “Recommending basic guidelines tailored to your height, weight and fitness goals, this app will help you on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Its also good if you’re on a specialised diet as it makes allowances for that” explains Harold Crawford, a lifestyle blogger at Elite assignment help and Academized.

9. Lose It

Monitor your food and exercise, set goals, and connect with friends on social network sites with Lose It, to keep a close eye on your fitness journey. With recipes, meal planners, and a calorie counter this is another app that can help you keep all your stats in one place.

10. My Fitness Pal

One of the most popular apps out there, My Fitness Pal can integrate with many other fitness and health apps for ease of use. Offering help with diet and containing info on a huge variety of foodstuffs as well as workouts and calorie counting, this app could be a great asset. The app is free, but you’ll get better features if you get a subscription.

Why not give one or two of these a go – you never know where they’ll lead you.

Bio: Molly Crockett is a writer for Write my essay and She also contributes to as a guest contributor. As a marketing writer, she shares her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience.