Technology and data are accounting for an ever larger portion of the budget of any business. This is because both are integral in their own ways, and the two of them are firmly interconnected. For this reason, a business owner has to take the necessary steps to protect the devices at their disposal in order to protect their data. Here are a few ways that you can guarantee the best possible odds of protecting your technology and data from disaster.

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing and cloud storage are taking over the business world for a number of reasons. The culmination of these factors is that it increases the flexibility and workflow of a business. Essentially, cloud technology is about sharing assets between remote devices; cloud computing allows multiple devices on a cloud network to interact and cooperate with one another on computational tasks by sharing processing power, while cloud storage allows for the remote storage and sharing of digital content.

Both sides of the cloud tech coin offer protection against the loss of data, as cloud storage effectively offers you an indestructible backup, and cloud storage is included with cloud computing services. While many businesses are upgrading to cloud computing models, a thriftier business or consumer can still benefit from cloud storage alone.

Surge Protectors

Computers are complex devices that present a wide variety of potential failures, and perhaps the most devastating is that of a power surge. Power surges typically occur at the same time as power outages, because both can occur as the result of a lightning strike. To be more precise, the same power surge can have a similar effect on the powerlines themselves. Power surges can tremendously damage the circuitry of computers, such as the motherboard, making them extremely dangerous to the device.

Protecting your computer and many other devices from the devastating effects of power surges is as simple as using Back UPS surge protectors. Power surges cause overvoltage that damages electronics, and surge protectors are designed to be able to handle overvoltage and stop it from reaching attached devices. Likewise, a lack of grounding can cause power surges, and surge protectors are typically grounded to account for this.

Antivirus and Antimalware Software

Hackers have proven to be a constant threat in the digital age; every counter hacking innovation is met with new hacking innovations in a digital arms race. However, some of the oldest hacking tricks are easily prevented outright with the purchase and installation of antivirus and antimalware software. Each of these types of software has its own nuances, they provide a similar service of detecting a variety of online threats, removing threatening files from your device, and blocking certain actions. In some extreme cases, even visiting certain websites can infect your device, while others require a voluntary download, but it can often be difficult to predict or spot when a website is malicious, which is where this software comes in.

Information Technology Department

Information Technology, or IT, departments are a crucial part of any healthy business. While anyone with even a passing knowledge of technology can provide some assistance in dealing with computers, using in house IT workers is typically a mistake. Even relatively minor problems can intuitively have major consequences. Put another way, an error that causes a complete shutdown of your device may be easily solved by the right person. Investing in IT is, like cloud technology, only increasing in commonality and importance as technology both plays a larger role in businesses and becomes more powerful and complex.

While there are many ways in which your data can be compromised or your computers rendered inoperable, there are ample solutions to these problems. Making smart choices with regard to infrastructure and employees can radically increase the safety of your devices and information. Whether it’s by preventing disaster or recovering from it, this guide can help you ensure that nothing can take you down so easily.