The 5th Edition (5E) of Dungeons and Dragons is an amazing RPG with some great options for character customization and combat system. Although there have been a couple of flaws, like the randomness of the D20 system which led to the famous 8 strength child beating an 18 strength barbarian in arm-wrestling, the scale of the system is admirable. There’s an almost infinite number of builds, so here we’ll go into four of the best power gaming character builds.

1. Bardcher

What better combination than an archer and a bard? Being a master archer is great because you can target enemies from far away. Because of the ability of D&D to merge classes though, you can choose a caster instead of a martial character, and why not then go for the humble bard.

5E bards, if you’re unaware, are full casters that have the possibility of stealing spells from other class’ spell list as they go up levels. In this case, we’d be looking specifically at Haste, Find Greater Steed, Tenser’s Transformation, Simulacrum, and Wish. These spells are typically restricted to certain classes like the wizard or the paladin, but balance isn’t that important when you find a great synergistic build. As per John Drakenstein, a tech writer at BigAssignments and Custom Essay, “Bard will use up most of the build’s levels, but you can occasionally reach into fighter and sorcerer classes to get certain features and other items that bards don’t normally access. As a result, we see a very strong archer build that’s incredibly fun to play.”

2. Holiest Adventurer

The 5E D&D doesn’t need you to have specific archetypes for your characters, but they will still fall along certain lines like damage, tank, and healer. The holiest adventurer build is basically a tank that can mitigate the damage that comes towards it, healing the damage it can’t avoid, but still being menacing enough to be unavoidable by enemies. There are three classes that can work well here for the build: warlock, sorcerer, and cleric.

This build can use one of the arguably top spells in 5E, Spirit Guardians. This spell protects the caster for a 15-foot area around and both damages and slows down enemies that come inside it. The spell is really efficient for upcasting, and it can’t be missed. It makes the caster a true force on the battlefield. In addition to this spell, the build can use Eldritch Blast, the strong damage cantrip in the entire game. It scales, it does force damage, and you can add a charisma modifier. Finally, you can also access the arcane and divine spell lists which include some really great options for maximum flexibility and abilities.

3. Grapple Bear

Moon druids are a well-known build that are quite powerful regardless of level. The druid has a lot of options for tanking, giving out damage, or casting, but have you thought about spicing up the build with some grappling? 5E grappling is quite simple compared to past editions of D&D. In this edition, grappling will reduce the movement of your target to zero, forcing them to move with you.

Darryl Tomson, a gaming blogger at Paper Fellows and Boomessays, shares his insights that “this isn’t the best solo, but when you combine that with beast strength and attacks that auto grapple, the druid becomes really powerful on the battlefield. This boosts the accuracy of the beast form, giving the druid an advantage and the ability to deal out more damage.”

4. Angry Wizard

Lastly, we have the angry wizard, a great blend of martial and caster characters. The martial powerhouse wizard, the Bladesinger, makes this the best melee character out there. The damage output is good in this build, but the most impressive part is the insane defensive abilities it has. It’s not slowed down by thick bulky metal like other tanks. Instead, be comfortable as you decimate your opponents.

With this build, you can stack Mage Armor, Bladesinger, Dual Wielding, Haste, the Shield Spell and 20s for intelligence and dexterity. It’s so hard to hurt the Angry Wizard even without the magic items.

Now that you know our top four builds for D&D 5E, it’s your turn to try different combinations and see what’s the most fun to play with!

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