Mobile apps have had such an incredibly massive impact on the world over the last few years and being 2020, the turn of the decade, the trends are now as important as ever before. With the coronavirus impact causing such a dramatic growth spurt in the industry, as well as setting the standards for the next decade, the 2020 development trends cannot be ignored.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore five of the biggest and most important trends you need to know about this year. From new technologies and new customer expectations, as an app developer, this is what you’re going to need to keep an eye on.

1. Virtual Reality is Go Go Go

Come on, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you’ll already be well aware that VR is taking off massively, and it’s getting incorporated into mobile apps for both Android and iOS systems everywhere it can.

With the technology in mobile devices improving all the time, thus improving their performance capabilities, and the related technology, such as headsets that are compatible with mobile devices. In short, if your current or existing app development projects can incorporate virtual reality, there’s never been a better time to do so.

2. Cloud Storage Data Solutions

Cloud storage is becoming more and more important with every month that goes by, and even if we’re not talking about personal cloud storage where people can store their personal files and data online (although this is definitely included), we are talking about people being able to access their information and data from anywhere.

“Not only will people’s devices run better if they have less data on them which is being drawn from the cloud, but people also want to be able to access their photos, data, and app settings from anywhere in the world, whether that’s other mobile devices or desktop computers. If this service isn’t offered, many mobile app users will simply go elsewhere to a competitor that does offer it,” explains Tina Gosling, a business writer at Britstudent and Nextcoursework.

3. Google Android Jetpack

Google Jetpack, not to be confused with the WordPress variation, is a new Android development tool you’re going to want to look into. With the key components covered, including foundation building, behavior analyzing, the architecture of your app, and full UI design control and testing, Jetpack should be becoming a key part of your development process.

“It’s suggested that around 80% of all the top apps on the Play Store currently use the Jetpack foundation and it’s an essential part of helping you easily create the dream app you’ve been trying to build,” writes David Hempstead, a web developer at 1day2write and Australia2write.

4. Artificial Intelligence Apps (AI)

Artificial intelligence is taking off all around the world in a big way, in all industries and areas of business, and while relatively new, the impact it’s having already is changing the world. When it comes to mobile app development, the ways you can incorporate AI into your projects is practically limitless and will only be capped by your imagination.

From being able to provide better solutions and services to customers to handling backend information more effectively and targeting audiences more efficiently, AI is definitely something you’re going to want to look into this year.

Some other examples you’ll want to think about is mobile searching, using voice assistants or scanning images, and chatbots, which are being used on social media and websites to provide customers with an ever-increasingly streamlined experience.

5. Get Ready for 5G

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, 5G is right around the corner, which means that mobile devices will soon be capable of dealing with huge amounts of data, and the capabilities of this will be unparalleled. Apps of huge sizes will no longer be a problem to download, maintain, or update, security will be enhanced, and the 3D mobile gaming community is going to explode.

With faster, better, and more secure speeds, mobile apps are going to need to be responsive and have the ability to handle what benefits this new wireless technology will bring. There’s no denying it’s going to change the world.

Bio: Michael Dehoyos is a mobile developer, speaker, and writer at the Ph.D. Kingdom and Academic Brits. He assists companies in bringing their mobile application dreams to life and contributes to numerous sites and publications, such as Origin Writings.