VR Headset

Only a few decades back, science fiction writers introduced in their stories the gadgets that many believed to be unreal. Today, the future we only imagined has already become our present. For the past years, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds and its impact on life has been tremendous.

The evolution is rapid and many companies seem to be making the best of the trends in technology. By far, the two most popular directions taken by these advancements are AI and VR. Now, VR apps are all over the place and they can change our lives in different ways.

More exciting experiences through digital content

For those who love computer games, they never get bored with what’s offered today as they can readily start a game with a mere touch of a button. With VR apps, one can experience incredible digital content over the real thing using their phone’s camera.

This feature enables players to discover new knowledge, outrun enemies or transform one’s living room floor into a race track. Some examples of popular AR/VR apps are Snapchat, Wikitude, Google Translate, and Toy Car RC.

Combining VR apps with VR headsets

A virtual headset is a head-mounted display worn over the eyes. This creates a stereoscopic 3D effect along with stereo sound. Although the technology behind VR headsets is fairly new, there are several ways this can one’s experiences when combined with VR apps:

  • Exploring new places without leaving the home

With the use of a VR headset, one can explore different parks, cities, museums, and more. Visiting these locations in a virtual world is almost like the real thing right in the comfort of their home. Anyone can start planning their vacation based on what they see and this would make their vacation a success.

  • Immersive movie watching experiences

A VR headset brings movie-watching up to the next level. The enhanced experience makes anyone feel like they’re in the movie as they get immersed in the film’s 3D environment. Everything looks real as the viewer can pay more attention to details.

  • Improves communication quality

A VR headset combined with a VR app allows people to communicate with others more efficiently. This is a very promising advantage. Similar to video calls, a VR headset gives the user that feeling of being in the same room through representations in the form of 3D Avatars. This upgrade in social VR systems makes tremendous improvements in communication quality as users can capture everything, from gestures to facial expressions, and more.

Learning through VR apps

In every society, education is always the foundation for it to prosper. For this reason, people constantly try to find ways to make the transfer of knowledge easier, more effective, and faster. In our modern world, digital devices have become an integral part of our lives and they are now more accessible than ever before.

With these, people have more opportunities to use technology to promote improved learning – and VR apps have become a very useful tool for this purpose. Here are some ways this can happen:

  • Skills Training

VR apps give students the chance to apply their skills practically in an actual setting. For example, students who study law can experience trials represented in VR. For NSBroker they discuss how VR apps aid in the technical analysis of person’s financial status.

  • Group Learning

VR apps are also useful for improving teamwork among teachers and students whether it be in a classroom-based setting or distance learning. Studies have shown that these VR innovations can boost the motivation of students and promote group learning.

  • Distance Learning

With the use of VR apps, teachers and students need not be in a single place. They can come together through distance learning tools in the sense that they would virtually be in the same room together, thus, allowing learning to take place.

  • Virtual Field Trips

Thanks to VR apps, students now experience all parts of the planet, even the inaccessible ones. They can learn subjects related to any subjects like literature, history, and geography by immersing themselves in a place that goes beyond time itself. For instance, several learning institutions use Google Expeditions to create classrooms without boundaries.

New opportunities for socialization

One relatively new VR app that people can use to create a place to virtually communicate and interact with each other is XRSpace. The company behind this app isn’t creating its virtual social environment independently but has coordinated with other developers to make them build experiences for its users.

The primary purpose is to develop superb digital avatars that can be everywhere, not just in a social app where one can only chat. Aside from XRSpace, there are also other companies trying to make VR a more social experience.

For instance, Facebook has come up with the Facebook Spaces app, a place where one can hang out with friends in VR using either Vive or Oculus headsets. This can give any user the ability to make an avatar that they can customize to look like themselves.

Then users can invite Facebook friends to call them or hang out with on Facebook Messenger – then invite them for a VR chat. Aside from these features, one can also watch 360-degree videos, hold or draw objects, and showcase photos in a VR slide show.


There’s no denying it that technology has made life much easier for us all. Every day, there is always some type of new advancement for virtually any aspect of life imaginable. With all of these advancements, people always find a use for them. However, some believe that these advancements might cause a lot of issues too.

Either way, people have to embrace these changes whether they like it or not. We cannot deny technology and all the changes they bring… what we can do is to learn how to adjust.

Post submitted by Donna James