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Anyone who has ever suffered a heart-wrenching breakup due to their partner or spouse cheating on them knows that, oftentimes, the biggest hurt isn’t just the initial betrayal, but that it went on for so long without them knowing. However, with cell phone spy software, you can do your part to stop doubting, stop wondering, and get accurate, honest results.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a technological expert to take advantage of phone spy software. You can even do this on the best camera phone under 10000. In most cases, it’s a simple matter of creating an account on the website, installing the software according to the directions provided, and rebooting the phone. There is no need to synchronize any files or alter the phone in the slightest bit. Once installed, the program does its work for you undetected. You can even install it on more than one phone in case your spouse or partner decides to use a spare.

What sort of information can this software provide? Unlike normal bugs and recording devices, it does more than just reveal call history. It also sends you text message logs, address book names, and even the phone’s location via GPS. Some even send you copies of cell phone pictures! This information is sent directly to your online account, where you can access it day or night, regardless of where your spouse or partner is. Should you decide to keep tabs on more than one phone, all of the information is nevertheless sent directly to your account in a tidy, easy to read format.

List of things Your Spy Agent can do:
Typically, you might expect that a phone spy tool would only be able to maintain a record of phone calls or text messaging that has occurred on the system. However, with the vast capabilities of the Android technology and this helpful spy software, you will discover that there are many additional options that you may want to consider. Some of the options listed here are some, but not all of what this software is capable of.

Location Tracking:

GPS locations can be logged when there is an adequate signal from the phone itself. This type of monitoring is uploaded to your private account elsewhere at an interval that you may select, and you can also refer to the location with the use of a map that is attached. This assists you with knowing where the individual in question may be located at the use of their calls or messages that are outgoing.

Log calendar entries:

Any calendar entries that might be listed into the phone’s system will also be recorded. The software will log the date and time of the entries, as well as the location. If you want to have further insight into the schedule of the individual that is being monitored, this would be an option that you may consider wanting to use.

Monitor Browsing History:

Of course with the addition of Android operating systems to smartphones, this also allows for internet capabilities which are similar to that of a computer. In consideration of this, the software can monitor URLs as well. Any URLs of websites that are being visited and used from the browser of the phone can be logged and uploaded for your insight.

Keep an eye on contacts:

The use of contacts is also appropriated in this useful monitoring tool. For example, all of the contacts that are currently on the phone will be logged for further insight. However, any contacts that are added after the installation of the software will also be able to be logged as well.

Spy on gallery:

Even the usage of pictures and videos can be monitored from the phone. If the individual creates or receives any videos or pictures with the phone while the application is installed, it will be recorded to your private account for viewing. Whether you are dealing with private company information or even just concerned about a teenager that might be sending inappropriate media, this can be a useful option.

Things to Consider When Buying Android Spy Software

Easy Access to the Target Phone

Better provide the person (whom cell phone activities you want to monitor) with pre-installed cell phone spy as getting easy access to the target phone to install the software.

Your Required Spy Features

You must understand all the features you need before buying the cell phone spy soft for Android handsets. These days Android Spy Software is available with a wide range of features, but you need to look for the features that are quite according to your needs.

Features of the Target Phone

Before buying Android Spy Software, you must make sure that the phone model you want to target with Android Spy Soft has all the features and functions that will support the Android spy software you want to buy. GPS tracking is missing in some models and if you get Android spy software with GPS tracking feature, it may prove futile for it. You need to make certain that the phone will support all the features found in the spy software. If you know the features of the target phone, you will get the most appropriate software for your iPhone.

What’s the OS?

Verifying the OS version of the Android phone you want to target is another important thing to consider. Keep it in mind that all cell phone spy software doesn’t support OS v5.0. Checking the OS version is not that difficult.

Data Plan

The first thing you need to make sure when buying Android Spy Software is a data plan. The cell phone spy you want to install must be on a data plan. You can quickly check whether the mobile spy is on a data plan or not. Just open up the browser and visit the external website like Google, Amazon, etc.