Tech Industry

The tech industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. It truly has been revolutionary, transforming everything from how we do business to how we communicate. There are very few areas of our lives that have not been touched by the changes in the tech industry, but some are more affected than others. Here are five areas that have benefited dramatically from the technological advances of the digital age.


At the core of the most revolutionary advances in technology is a fundamental change in the way communication works. The promise of instantaneous communication has finally been realized in a way the inventors of the telegraph and the telephone could never have imagined. You can communicate, instantaneously and face to face, with people on the other side of the world. In fact, you can communicate face to face with people in orbit around the planet. Beyond just communicating, you can transfer huge amounts of data, unlocking near infinite possibilities for cooperation all around the world.


The tech revolution in communication has also sparked revolutionary new ways of doing business. From enterprise application development to machine learning, the business world will never be the same. Tech is changing business on a fundamental level and most of that is due to the ease and speed of communication, thanks to revolutionary new technologies. Faster communication and ease of coordination makes it possible for business ventures to span continents with increasing ease. The ability to gather and process ever increasing amounts of data also allows businesses to analyze their customers and clients in new and exciting ways as well.


Energy has benefited from the communication revolution just the same as business has, but there has been an additional revolution of new energy technology. While it may seem at times that the energy industry still runs on the same old fossil fuels that have been powering our industries and polluting our air for hundreds of years, the truth is that a lot has changed. Even those industries that still rely on fossil fuels are using them much more efficiently and safely than they did before. On top of that are all the advances in renewable energy and green tech that is changing the way you get your electricity. The tech industry plays a huge role there, both in developing new sources of energy and in refining old ones.


Another area of your life that has been forever changed by the tech industry is travel. You might think immediately of planes, trains and automobiles, and you aren’t wrong. The tech industry has certainly had an effect on modes of transportation, but perhaps even more significant is the way that tech has affected how we go about traveling. Look at ride-sharing apps: not only can you find a cab virtually anywhere, but you can watch the route the cab takes to get to you. Consider how vacation rentals and hotels have been forever changed by the use of apps, and the way that travel agencies are being replaced by crowd-sourced recommendation sites. With satellite imagery, you can look at actual photos of the places you want to visit and digitally walk the streets before you ever arrive. How cool is that?


Medical technology gets better and more accurate all the time, mostly due to medical scientists, but also in smaller ways. Consider the way that your medical records can be transferred instantaneously from your doctor to your hospital to your lab techs, all in the blink of an eye. It’s easier than ever to take control of your health with help from apps and gadgets brought to you by the tech industry.

Technology has transformed the world, and the odds are it will continue to do so. It’s impossible to say what new invention will revolutionize your life next. The only thing you can know for certain is that change will happen, and it will affect many different areas of your life.