Small boy holding smart device

Post submitted by Jayde Lynch

At present, one in every 160 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to the World Health Organization. While there are many conventional strategies that can be employed to assist children on the spectrum, technology has the power to unlock even more in-depth learning opportunities. In recent years, an increasing number of apps have been developed aimed solely at individuals with autism and their families. There are, specifically, a range of child-friendly apps available for download on smart devices that can help children with autism develop a range of very valuable skills while having fun at the same time.

Camp Discovery Pro encourages learning

The Camp Discovery Pro app was designed by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) experts and is aimed at children with developmental disorders. It features an interesting range of ‘worlds’ that offer lessons on a variety of topics including shapes, letters, words, and counting. The user interface is easy to navigate and the animations are simple yet appealing. All correct answers are rewarded with a cute animation chosen by the user and lessons are followed by entertaining mini-games for some variation. Some of the app’s most popular features include prompting procedures, progress tracking, and personalized settings. New content is constantly being added to the app which helps it to maintain its appeal for both the children and their parents. The Camp Discovery Pro app can be downloaded for iPhones and iPads free from the App Store.

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

The Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism app is a simple yet engaging app, consisting of a range of animated videos featuring very endearing underwater animals. The app is intended to be enjoyed by children on the autism spectrum and their parents, suitable for all developmental levels and ages. The engrossing video content can be enjoyed in many ways while various skills are being developed. While the ‘Play Video’ button is used to watch an entire video, the ‘Learn Together’ option allows users to watch the same video content but with added learning opportunities. Although children can enjoy watching the videos on their own, it is recommended that the ‘Learn Together’ option is only selected in the presence of a responsible sibling or parent. The Aiko & Egor app can be download free-of-charge from the App Store and Google Play with optional in-app purchases available.  

MouseTrial makes learning fun

The MouseTrial app is based on the Discrete Trial Training method and provides children on the autism spectrum with an enjoyable and engaging learning environment.  It makes use of simplified sounds and graphic to encourage children to learn at their own pace while also having fun. The app aims to develop various skills including concentration, cooperation, and recognition through carefully-curated content that consists of 8 modules with topics such as food, animal, letters, and numbers. The app has 48 different games that can be enjoyed and more than 300 questions and animations to discover. MouseTrial can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play free-of-charge.

Technological advances aimed at children on the autism spectrum are making it increasingly easy for them to develop much-needed skills. Thanks to the ever-increasing range of smart apps available, acquiring these skills can be as enjoyable as it is educational.