fax by email

The advent of technology offers some affordable and user-friendly options to manage your fax communication. Nowadays, you can send and receive faxes without a fax modem, a phone line and a fax machine. Several online fax services are available to send faxes from computer.

Several trustworthy online fax services enable you to manage your faxes from the computer. Keep in mind that faxing through your computer is not a new concept. You can eliminate the need for a fax machine with a fax modem.

Fortunately, online fax services decrease the need for any additional hardware. You can use the internet to send and receive faxes from a computer without any fax modem. GoogleFaxFree is a suitable solution to send free fax from a computer.

Google Fax Free

To send Google products via fax, you will need Google Fax service. The internet can’t work directly without a translator. Google fax service can be a translator, but it is not a direct service. For this reason, it needs the support of third-party fax service. See these trustworthy options.

CocoFax: HIPAA Complaint Faxing Solution

Do you want to avoid the expense of unnecessary hardware to send and receive faxes? CocoFax is a big and secure brand to encrypt your fax communications. It is an online fax service to turn your computer into a virtual fax machine.

With this famous brand, you can manage local and international faxes. It has millions of satisfied clients all over the world. For professional fax communications, you can use a CocoFax app or your web browser. Here are some easy steps to use CocoFax to send a fax free online.

Step 01: Use your email ID to sign up with CocoFax and get a free fax number. After registration, you can avail a free 30-day trial. You are free to cancel your subscription any time during this period.

Step 02: Now you can access CocoFax dashboard. Open this dashboard and click on the “New Fax” button. A popup window enables you to create new fax. Enter the details, such as a fax number of the receiver in the “To” field.

Step 03: Attach a document to send a fax and prepare a cover letter. You can send a fax to multiple receivers by entering their fax numbers. Separate each fax number with a semicolon to send it to different people.

Step 04: Before tapping on a send button, you have to check all important details. Now click on “Send button” and wait for a confirmation message.

CocoFax will send a confirmation email after sending fax successfully. You are free to attach documents in different formats, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, and pdf. Before sending a fax, you should ensure that the fax machine of the receiver is on.

You can use your web browser or an app to send and receive faxes from your computer. CocoFax offers special apps to manage faxes for Android and Mac. Faxing will be easy with the assistance of CocoFax. Feel free to use your Gmail account to send and receive faxes.

In this process, you have to end the fax number of a receiver with @cocofax.com. For example, 564545@cocofax.com so that CocoFax can dial the fax number of the receiver. To receive faxes, make sure to share your fax number (provided by CocoFax) with senders. You can check your inbox for received faxes.

Fax Software to Send Fax

For Windows computers, you can use a fax console or a built-in feature windows fax & scan. In this process, you will need a fax modem. It may be done through a USB dongle or internal hardware in the CPU.

Connect a phone line to your fax modem and access the “Windows Accessories” option in a computer. Choose “Windows Fax and Scan” and see an open program. Go to “Tools – Information of Sender” to make some modifications. Include contact details and a cover page.

Open “Main Menu – New Fax” and add several fax numbers. Add a fax number and a custom cover page in the body. Attach any important document and tap on “Send”. You have successfully faxed a document from a computer.


Well, this guide is enough to understand how to fax your documents from the computer. You can see different methods with their unique traits. If you don’t mind using a fax modem, feel free to use a built-in fax feature in windows computer.

For Android and Mac, you can use online fax services. We recommend the use of CocoFax for local and international faxes. It is a secure and trustworthy brand for every individual and business organization.