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The important thing to keep in mind when you lock your phone is the fact that it keeps it secure from unwanted access.

With so many technologically advanced criminals, there has to be a sure fire way to prevent them from accessing your cell phone, right? Well, actually, there are 3 ways that can help make your cellular secure. The most secure ways that allow you to maintain your piece of mind include: PIN numbers, facial recognition, and your fingerprint. Many people have no idea how to properly make passwords or pins. Because of this, you could be putting your device at risk of having criminals viewing your information.

Regardless of the type of security that you use, there is a method that will work for you and your device to ensure everything stays safe. To start, let’s discuss facial recognition and see what it offers.

Securing Your Cellular Using Facial Recognition

It was in 2016 that facial recognition made its appearance on the Galaxy Note 7. A year later, Apple’s Face ID debuted for their iPhone X. The thing that makes facial recognition so great is the fact that it is very convenient. Not only does it verify and identify you but it also scans your facial features. So at the exact moment of looking at your phone, it will be unlocked.

Face ID Goes Further Than Just Unlocking Your Phone

According to Apple, they say that you have a slim chance of having anybody being able to hack your cellular if it is equipped with facial recognition. The odds can possibly get better if you happen to be an identical twin or a family member who has close similarities to your face.

Unfortunately, Google is unable to share the same experience due to flaws found in their technology that allows access to individuals who have your phone in their physical possession thus being able to have it unlocked.

Besides these, there are others instances that could make facial recognition difficult to use including:

• Being forced to unlock your phone by looking at it.

• You are pressured by law enforcement to unlock it depending on the circumstances.

• Purportedly using a cap, mask, or your photo has been known to successfully unlock phones by tricking the technology.

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint locks have the same convenience that we saw with Face ID and are able to quickly unlock your cell. It’s as easy as putting a finger over its sensor. There are many purposes for using a fingerprint for your phone’s lock including these:

A fingerprint is an individual characteristic that no other person has. This eliminates the possibility of false readings. It takes only a second to unlock which makes it very fast.

The good thing about using a fingerprint is that it provides a great way for identity and access management as you are unable to share it or lose it. They are also actual encryptions that are stored and not an image of your print. This is what makes this type a great option to use.

Although a lot of advantages exist, it is not 100% secure if you are forced to unlock your phone or if any other type of physicality occurs in order to have your phone unlocked. So be aware of who might use your finger as you sleep at night.

With thieves becoming smarter, there can be many ways that they would use in order to gain access with a fingerprint. One way could be by replicating it after obtaining it from a glass or something else that you held. That is the newest way that criminals could easily access your phone.

PIN Numbers

Although technology has advanced tremendously, there is still nothing more secure tan the good ‘ole PIN number or password. Because of their tried and true success, PINs have been securing phones for years. The great convenience of a PIN is that the same one can be used for multiple devices or for any other security. It’s a good idea that you create a PIN that is easy for you to remember but not for anybody else being able to figure it out.

A PIN also adds convenience which at the same time is normally what attracts criminals. They know that the majority of people use PINs that consist of identifying numbers like a SSN or DOB as these identifying numbers can be easily guessed. Not only that, but a PIN can be easily obtained if it is written down.

Add More Than One

Although every security method is not 100% secure, there are many cell phone owners who don’t even utilize a security feature. Just by using one of the three security measures above, you are already more secure than many others who decide not to use any. To increase your security beyond just one method, you can easily combine two or all three if you want. There’s nothing wrong with being extra safe in case of one getting “cracked” by a criminal.

So, as you can see, there is more than one great way to provide a huge amount of security for your cell phone. You only need to decide on which one would be perfect for you so that you can live happy and secure.