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Description: A treasure hunt is not some ridiculous, childish idea but a life-changing possibility. You may ask yourself how drone technology can help to discover valuables. We are going to give you some relevant information about the latest drone technology that can serve this purpose.

If you are into a treasure hunt, you’ve probably heard already about different testimonies that showed facts about hidden gold from World War II or in ancient temples and monasteries. Metal detecting machines were in past trustworthy assistants for treasure hunting in the ground, but the latest drone technology conquers all previous methods. We have to mention that in agriculture, coal mining, and real estate business drones are already accepted as the most powerful technique. They became the number one gadget for gold discovering, and we will reveal here all the advantages of their usage.

Firstly, drone technology is suitable for different natural surroundings that are entirely inaccessible otherwise. Not only can you approach different areas but also stay safe in your home doing your stuff while the drone performs terrain investigation. You start digging the ground only when it discovers the source of wealth, and that saves a lot of money and effort.

We adore drone technology because it allows you to live your life while it does the work for you. And what’s better is that it requires very little investment comparing the amount of money you spent on previous treasure hunts. Honestly, professional drones can be pricy, but when you have in mind that it can bring you a fortune without risking the regular salary, we say go for it. Important warning — every drone for treasure hunting should be additionally equipped with a metal gold detection system for cases when the gold is buried into the ground.

So, let’s dive into various types of drones that are must-have for hidden riches.

Underwater Drone

The great news is that there is no limit when we are talking about drones. So yes, you can also investigate ocean depths and sinking boats with an underwater drone. Wondering what kind of performances you have to look for when you want to start with ocean exploration? Well, you shouldn’t even think of it without the following features: excellent camera, ability to go hundred meters or more below the water, small size, and durable battery. For this type of adventure, we suggest Blue Eye Pioneer because this waterproof drone can go 150 meters underwater and provide crystal clear videos even in dark surroundings for two hours. This is a pricy gadget with high-quality performances suitable for professionals.

If your budget doesn’t allow this kind of luxury, our second best is Biki drone with camera. This wireless miracle has a drone battery that allows 2 hour-long searches for treasures, can go up to 190 meters under the water, and has a GPS technology, which is crucial for locating the treasure. One more advantage — Biki also can avoid obstacles, so you don’t need to worry that it will get stuck in the old ship. If this resonates with your needs, Robosea Biki is the right thing for you.

underwater drone

Drone Suitable for Inaccessible Places

If your target place is located in the forest with bushes and dense vegetation where conventional drones get stuck, you will need some professional assistance. We found a device that can overcome this kind of obstacle and reach remote destinations. With Precision Hawk and DJI drone, even jungles become available for surveillance.

It shows precise mapping measures with free drone mapping software. You can plan and analyze the flight of any DJI drone with the PrecisionFlight app. We must admit that DJI brings precision to a professional level.

If you are going to investigate areas with strong wind, an ideal device for you can be superior Mavic2 DJI. This machine is adaptable to any weather conditions, even for wind 24 mph strong.

Drone for Indoor Confined Spaces

Abandoned castles, wells, and caves can be exciting places to explore when you are in search of hidden treasures. Our options for indoor areas are DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic Pro Phantom, and Phantom 4. Before using, be sure to adjust proper settings for indoor to prevent drones from crashing into something. This means that you have to enable obstacle avoidance and disable the return-to-home option. We highly recommend purchasing a prop guard because, that way, you will additionally protect your device from crashing. It’s a necessity that you set the camera options for indoor drone photography resolution.

DJI Mavic Mini

Legal and Safety Issues

Because we are here to serve your best interest, we want to inform you about some legal issues relating to drones. Please read them carefully before deciding to purchase this gadget. Even though you don’t need a drone license if you use it for recreational purposes, drone registration is obligatory, but it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

For flying drones in the USA, please check FAA guidance because if you don’t follow regulations, you can end up with a fine or even jail sentence. You have to be aware that drone is not a toy (though some are toys, with a particular product label) and that drone swarm technology is part of military and defense strategies. Be responsible and take care of your and others’ safety first, and read instructions carefully for correct settings.

Another important warning – performing thorough preparation before the launch and creating a concrete plan for a drone mission is a must. Regulations depend on commercial vs. recreational use, but one thing is for sure: drones can’t fly below 400 feet without permission of the landowner. You have to omit terrains that are in private property from in-depth surveillance, to keep your drone action within the limits of what is safe and legal.

flying drone

Data Analyzing

When you use drone technology, you have the opportunity to survey the concrete terrain, and Global Mapper platform is excellent for planning the flight mission. Still, the main concern of dealing with drones is how to analyze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data that you gathered. It’s not enough to adjust the proper settings and collect the images and videos, because they become beneficial only when you process and analyze UAV data. Practically this means that if you only have pictures of a place where drone detected some gold, you will still need to know the exact location and maybe some extra facts, like depth of the ground where objects are located. Algorithm Marketplace is an app that can help you with processing all collected information.


Planning treasure hunt adventures can be a fun and prosperous job. If you seriously approach treasure hunting, you will need time for research and analysis. Additionally, you can’t do it without adequate drone technology. If you already experienced treasure hunting with drones, share your experience with us in the comment section below. Do you have any questions about treasure hunting? We will be glad to answer them as soon as possible.

Bio: Thomas Quarry is a data scientist and a professional travel guide. He organized treasure hunting as a fun activity for tourists. Recently he’d become a part of a treasure-hunting group in Nevada where he flew DJI M600 drone. His impression is that these experiences should be available to everyone because they are life-changing.