Post submitted by Jayde Lynch

The list of ‘must-have’ skills you should possess if you wish to be hired in graphic design includes familiarity with HTML, having UI/UX Experience, and of course, knowing how to use the classic tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The creative app industry is booming, with developers tempting creatives with an infinitely larger list of apps focused on hobbyists and professional artists alike. Whether you design for a living or you simply love creating beautiful imagery on your tablet or computer, these are a few apps that are all the rage on the current art scene. 

Rebelle for a Plethora of Painting Styles

Digitally produced designs can sometimes lack the real-life feel of a painted work of art. Rebelle is here to change all that, with a host of brushes that produce different types of visuals – from watercolour right through to acrylic and wet and dry works. The app’s manufacturers sought to create a paint software that copies the way paint behaves in real life. You can drip, blow, or move paint from one side of the image to another, as if you had a canvass, tubes of paint, and real brushes in your hand.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

If manga art is your thing and your next project involves designing your own comic, you will find a good match in this tool, which boasts a natural brush feel that allows you to give life to very precise visions. The software works to reflect even the slightest movements of your pen. It detects pressure and allows you to customize all aspects of your brushes. You have a wide range of tools to choose from, so that the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a very personal, unique world for your characters.

Tattoo Designs

Some of the biggest consumers of digital art app tech, are tattoo artists. Apps like Tattoo Designs allow users to view their desired tattoo design on an image of themselves, to see if they like the overall look. When it comes to looking for a new tattoo from scratch, it pays to view the many designs available on the app. Tattoos are available in a host of categories, including animals, alien, floral, and many more popular and traditional tattoo styles.

Affinity Designer

This app, created to replace DrawPlus X8, is specifically created for professional graphic designers. It can be used to design images for websites, branding, typography, and concept art. The final product is as useful for social (and traditional/printed) media as it is for artwork. The app boasts cloud functionality, so it can be used by a team of designers working together. 

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

One of the biggest selling points of this app is the ease with which it can be used. The Suite actually contains a software bundle instead of just one app, but be prepared to pay the price – the app doesn’t come cheap. Its most touted feature is CorelDRAW, which includes vector drawing and desktop publishing features, which allow you to design projects that have a multi-page layout. The newest version allows for improved web graphics, more precise vector editing, and easier navigation through the template menu. The Suite can carry out a wide variety of functions, including converting bitmap images into vectors and RAW file handling via AfterShot.

Rebelle, Clip Studio Paint Pro, and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite are just three apps that are making the design experience easier, more comfortable, and more expansive. From realistic paint effects to a wider range of brush styles, artists can freely create works as figurative or abstract as they wish, with greater ease. Apps like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite are mostly used by professional designers owing to their high price, but the good news for hobbyists is that there are many more reasonably priced (or even free) apps to choose from.