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Whether you use email correspondence for business or personal purposes, you are, most probably, familiar with Gmail, a free email service developed by Google. Gmail has evolved significantly from being a relatively simple email provider to becoming a custom-made professional email solution that can be tailored towards your specific needs. That’s why more and more people are using it for their business purposes.

As of today, one can find a lot of extensions and adds-on that can intensify the use of Gmail beyond its features. But it’s helpful to know that even without such extensions, you can take full advantage of Gmail by using its tools and filters.

So, here we’ve prepared some tips and tricks on how to use and set up Gmail to customize it to your particular needs.

Schedule Emails

Did you know that when you use Gmail, you can schedule emails, so that they can be sent at a later time? It’s a very useful feature to know about (and to use), especially when you prefer to plan everything ahead of time.

To schedule emails you should:

  1. Go to your Gmail account;
  2. Click ‘Compose’ (at the top left) and create your email;
  3. Next to ‘Send’ (at the bottom left), click the dropdown arrow;
  4. Then choose ‘Schedule sent.’

And if you would like to change the date of your scheduled email(s), select the email you would like to change, and at the top right of your email choose ‘Cancel send.’ Then make your changes, click ‘Schedule send,’ and select a new date and time.

It’s important to remember that when you set the date and time, all your emails will be sent based on the timezone you schedule them.

Create Two Signatures

An Email signature is like a business digital card in the contemporary world. It shows who you are as a professional and helps establish a more trustful relationship with your potential clients.

If you use a Gmail client, you can specifically add a Gmail email signature. Create and customize your email signature so that it accurately represents who you are and is in tune with your company’s voice.

But if you use Gmail both for business and for personal purposes, you might want to have two different signatures. And even just for business purposes, it might be useful to have two signatures.

Here’s how you can create two signatures in Gmail:

Firstly, enable the ‘Canned Response’ feature in your Gmail account. To do that, choose ‘Settings,’ go to the ‘Advanced’ tab in the top line (if you use updated Gmail version of 2018, and if you don’t – select the ‘Labs’ tab instead). Then enable the ‘Canned responses’ and click ‘Save changes.’

After that, compose a new message (leave the fields ‘to’ and ‘subject’ blank and design an email signature. Then choose ‘Canned responses’ -> ‘Save draft as template’ -> ‘Save a new template,’ select a name for your signature and click ‘Save.’

You can create multiple signatures in Gmail using the same method. Click on three tiny dots in the bottom right corner, go to ‘Canned responses,’ and choose the signature you would like to use in this particular email.

Receive Emails From Other Email Addresses

In case you use multiple email accounts, you might find yourself spending way too much time checking all the emails. Logging in each account is already time-consuming, not to mention reading each email in various accounts.

But if you use Gmail, you can save lots of time, as you can combine all your email accounts in one. Just create a single inbox, where you’ll receive all the emails. Besides, you can also respond to each email choosing which email address you would like the response to come from.

And here’s how you can do it:

  • first, make sure that your other email accounts (Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) have POP access;
  • go to your Gmail account and click ‘Settings’;
  • Click the tab ‘Forwarding’ and ‘POP/IMAP’;
  • In the section ‘POP Download,’ choose ‘Enable POP for all mail’;
  • Then click ‘Save changes.’

As a recommendation, choose ‘Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox’ next to “When messages are accessed with POP.”

Disconnect Third-Party Apps

Some third-party apps might have access to your Google account. Google doesn’t develop these third-party apps, but it lets you download such apps and give access to some parts of your account.

You might have downloaded such apps thinking they would be useful. But at the time you find out that you don’t use these apps, it’s better to disconnect them. Also, if you feel that you don’t trust some of these apps and wouldn’t want them to access your information, it’s better to remove them.

To do that, go to your Google account and select ‘ Security.’ Then click ‘Manage third-party access’ on the panel ‘Third-party apps with account access.’ Choose the app you would like to remove and click ‘Remove access.’

Use Smart Replies

A smart reply is a useful Gmail feature that can help you generate quick answers so that you can write emails even on the go.

A single tap on the offered response adds it to the Reply window. Then you can choose and send the provided response or add some more text.

To enable this feature, go to the ‘Settings’ page (upper right side), then make sure that options ‘Smart reply’ and ‘Smart compose’ are turned on.

Once these settings are enabled, you will see suggested replies and will be offered help to auto-finish the sentences. It’s especially useful when you value the time and need to give a response quickly.

Mute messages

If you continue receiving messages that are of no particular interest to you, you can mute them in Gmail. Muting a conversation in Gmail means that any further emails from this conversation will be automatically archived, and you won’t be notified of those messages anymore. Yet, you’ll still be able to search for the conversation to see new messages, as they will be stored in your Gmail account (but archived). This option can also be used if you would like to hide your personal communication while in the office.

To mute a particular conversation, open the message you wish to ignore, click ‘More,’ and then ‘Mute.’

In case you’ve changed your mind and would like to continue receiving certain emails in your Inbox, you can find the message in All Mail, and then choose ‘More,’ ‘Unmute.’

Snooze Conversations

Snooze feature in Gmail is a very helpful one, especially for people who have busy inboxes and receive tons of emails daily.

This feature means that you can save a particular email for a later time (snooze it), so that it appears in your inbox again at the time when you want it to be there. It’s a great way to filter all the emails and yet not to forget to respond to them. And you don’t have to worry that the email will be lost somewhere in your inbox and you’ll have to spend quite a lot of time trying to find it.

So, to snooze the emails, open your Gmail and go to the email you would like to snooze. Then choose the ‘Menu’ button (three dots), tap ‘Snooze, ’ and then select the exact time when you would like this particular email to appear in your Inbox again.

Turn Your Emails Into Tasks or Events

If Gmail is your primary email account, you can save lots of time by transforming an email message into a task. Besides, it’s very convenient to turn your email into the to-do list and have everything in one place.

To do that, you need to open the needed email and choose ‘More’ (at the top of the Message window). Then select ‘Add to Tasks,’ (the task will be highlighted in yellow at the top of the list), choose the task and add a name for it. To open the message related to Gmail Tasks, choose ‘Related email’ in the title of the task.

Be Private With Confidential Mode

If you are a Gmail user, at some point, you might consider protecting your messages from unauthorized access and use. You can do so by using Gmail confidential mode. When someone receives messages in confidential mode, one doesn’t have an option to copy, print, forward, or download them (as well as all the attachments).

To turn on the confidential mode feature, go to your Gmail account, click ‘Compose,’ then ‘Turn on confidential mode’ (in the bottom right of the window) and ‘Save your changes.’

We hope that with all these tips and tricks, you can take full advantage of your Gmail account.