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We have been receiving a lot of feedback; rather, we should say confused feedback form our readers side after using the best plagiarism checker tools online. First of all, you must not be confused with the title as we thought we should spice things up today a little bit. Plagiarized content check or plagiarism check is more like one thing, and there is no difference between the two terms. So now let us talk about today’s topic before starting it.

Just to give you a heads-up this post is especially for our young readers who are in true need of using the best free plagiarism checkers online. We are going to give you newbies tips about using the best plagiarism checker to check your work for any problems! We have gathered some issues that were being faced by the majority of our readers and so we are going to discuss all of them one by one!

Not Plagiarized a Single Word but Was Still Getting Around 7%!
If we ignore the percentage mentioned in the title of this para, we will cover this problem of many users. Actually, 7% is one of the most common complaints we have got till now. Now read this very carefully to understand the working of the plagiarism checker!
The plagiarism checker works in such a way that it splits your written text into small phrases and sometimes sentences to run a check on them with its huge database. Now if you are reading this article then the phrase” reading this article” is a part of this article too and a part of millions of more articles on the web but that doesn’t mean that this part is copied from any other article from the web.

Plagiarism Without Reference!

Now, most of you guys get confused when using plagiarism checker free versions as some of them don’t give out reference to the copied content, and that is what scares you. If you use the plagiarism checker tool, then you guys would see that the content that is said to be copied will be shown with the reference. Now if the reference of the matching content does not match the article topic you are writing on then you don’t really have to worry about the percentage.
However, some senior experts recommend that if the plagiarism without reference is above ten per cent, then the phrase should be changed as it gives out a very negative image of your article and obviously you wouldn’t want that!

Self-Plagiarism Caught by Plagiarized Content Checker!

In some cases, what happens is that when you are writing on a large project with the same topics, then some of your content can be matched with your already published one. Now you must feel cheated when you see plagiarism percentage showing up on your screen, but it is a fact that you have to make your content unique because of backlink checkers. Experts always recommend that you try getting rid of this problem through paraphrasing! We will recommend you to use the Search Engine Reports plagiarism checker tool for excellent results.

Grammatically Incorrect Articles!
As the last tip of today, we will tell you about the article that you submit with the plagiarism checker that gets a unique percentage. Now plagiarism checkers like Grammarly have the amazing features of making your article first grammatically right and then they perform checking of plagiarized content. This is because of the following reasons.
Articles that make no sense grammatically and have spelling mistakes too cannot be recognized by the plagiarism checker tools at any cost. We received feedback from a reader who told us that he checked his work for plagiarism and it came out unique, but when he submitted, it got rejected because of it.
Now some clients do not pay attention to grammar mistakes as they can fix them with the help of free tools, but when they check the corrected document with their own checkers, then they can easily get the exact results. So before checking for plagiarism always make sure that your doc is absolutely free of human errors. You can always use the plagiarism-checker tool!


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