Since technology has become crucial to our lives, some people have converted their homes into smart ones. These homes usually come with a smart shower system. Why do people need to install them? Read on to find out.

Nowadays, technology is everywhere. Be it communication, traveling, medicine, cooking, film production — technology has greatly improved the quality of life. Smart homes have become widespread in various countries all over the world. Installing a good smart shower system in your smart home comes with its advantages. Here are some of them:

1. You Get a Personalized Shower Experience

The main purpose of a smart house is to ensure comfort when at home. With a smart shower system, you’ll be able to customize your shower experience. The best shower system will enable you to exercise complete control over things like duration of shower and water temperature.

2. Additional Safety

With a sound shower system, you’re guaranteed more than automatic showers. Give that all the devices in your smart home can communicate with each other, your bathroom will be safer. You’ll avoid mishaps, such as leaving the water running.

3. Your Bath Will Be Set in Advance

Just as the lighting in a smart house turns on as soon as you open the door, a smart shower system will have the ideal bath ready for you. You can instruct it to fill the bathtub at a given time. Moreover, you can tell it to set the water temperature to the one you desire, or even the amount of water you want.

4. Take Good Care of Everyone at Home

A decent smart house system will enable you to provide better care for your family. For instance, you could come up with showering programs for your kids or parents. They will ensure that they do not turn the hot water to the maximum by accident, or even suddenly switch to cold water while enjoying your warm bath.

5. Easy to Install

Setting up a qualitative wedi shower system is not difficult. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a multi head shower system or another type. You just install it, connect it to a water source plus the central command system inside your house, and you’re all set.

6. Additional Free Time

When using the usual shower, you’ll lose some time waiting for the water to get hot and adjusting its temperature. However, with a smart shower, the ideal temperature will be adjusted automatically, and you’ll be notified when it’s time to get in.

7. Enjoy More Relaxation

With a decent shower system, you can make the whole showering process more relaxing. This can be achieved by controlling the light and room temperature. You can also control the music (if there are speakers available).

8. No Worrying About Wet Floors

With a smart shower system, you’ll be able to set up the floor heating after you’re done showering. Doing this will ensure that you won’t have to worry about wet floors. Moreover, you’ll be able to prevent accidents such as someone slipping.

9. Relaxed Morning Routine

By installing one of these systems, whether it comes with an exposed shower system or not, you’ll have the ability to maintain a morning routine comfortably. You can easily configure the program for each day. Eventually, you’ll begin to appreciate these routines, and the start of your day will be more enjoyable.

10. Saving Money

This system will assist you to keep a close watch on the energy consumption in your smart house. Optimum use of energy for showering will lead to a reduction in the water plus electricity bills. The extra money you would have put in installing the shower system will be recouped eventually.

The Schluter Shower System

This shower system is an integrated group of products that form a watertight assembly for showers with tiles. This system abolishes the risk of resulting from water penetration. It also reduces the installation time. More info on how to install Schluter shower system can be found here.

Some of the Schluter shower system problems include:

● The tile flange will crack and leak if it isn’t adjusted well to the base.

● Problems will arise if your floor isn’t completely leveled.


Taking a shower after a long day’s work can be fulfilling. Having a smart shower in your smart home will result in a remarkable experience. The above information should be able to motivate you to install one. If you still need some more information, be sure that will answer most of your questions.

We’d like to hear from you, why do you need a smart shower? Comment below!

Bio: Kevin Nelson is an interior designer and extremely passionate about technology. He has been a professional interior designer for over 10 years and likes to handle projects which will have a positive impact on the lives of his clients. Other than designing, he loves to write about his work.


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