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During the past 55 years, the gaming industry has been in a constant phase of development. From the pixelated arcade games to the more lifelike versions available on your Xbox or PlayStation, we can undoubtedly say that the gaming industry has blossomed with each passing year.

The evolution of technology has led gamers and enthusiasts of the industry to experience the significant modes of gaming so far. The trends change every day, new games come and go, and with each of the game leading to a new feature or a better interface.

It is not surprising if we say that the world of tech gaming is growing at a fast speed as the developers are busy in producing more efficient and realistic games with better features.

How has technology changed the online gaming world?

The base of modern gaming

As discussed above, the technology for the world of gaming has significantly evolved, and it still is in rapid production towards even more success. Let us discuss the key features of gaming technology that are being improved constantly.


For most games online, customized hardware is required to guarantee the smooth functioning. To continue playing, many of the more complicated online games, such as those which only operate on consoles, depend on the hardware. Powerful processors, graphics card, and expensive drives, etc. are used by players on devices such as PCs and PlayStation for a seamless experience.

Mainly for online gaming, at least one central database must enable a gaming community to join the game from anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, specific hardware is not needed for all games, but software is necessary. For example, PC games need the specific OS to be used, and iOS games run only on Apple’s OS. This also involves whether your game requires a boosted internet connection via an Ethernet cable with a cat 6 connector or it can easily run via a Wi-Fi network.


The software used to bring an online game to life is equally important as hardware infrastructure. Many online games are developed using Python and C++, which ensures that highly qualified programmers in every segment of the industry are in high demand. Even the most basic online games require the use of Visual Studio, Unity, Photoshop, ZBrush and 3DS Max, etc.

Latest Developments in the world of tech-gaming

Technical standards of online gaming world have also increased. The emergence of high-end projects like Virtual reality in online gaming implies that developers must strive to make sure all versions are compatible with virtual reality. Additionally, the rise of mainstream video gaming streaming platforms has forced designers to realize that their games need to be modified to attract a much broader audience.

However, the access of VR to every household may take a while. Some of the advanced high-end features present in almost every gaming device are:

  • Cloud-Based Gaming

The game programmers are trying to ease the burden by the introduction of cloud-based memory instead of developing video game systems that require more substantial hardware. So far, there has been a significant development in the introduction of cloud-based gaming with platforms such as Microsoft for Xbox. The amount of space that discs and consoles need to deliver should no longer restrict gamers. The cloud helps players to hit huge server-size limits, where photos are transmitted via the Web to your computer.

  • Hardware Size and Portability

With every other gadget becoming lesser in size and lighter in weight, how can modern gaming gadgets be left behind? With the sleek end hardware of modern gaming devices, transporting them to one place to the other has become quite easy. Fewer wires, more battery timing, and occupying small space makes your favorite game available for you everywhere. The latest technology has also allowed people to play their favorite games on mobile phones, gaming devices or even the laptop.

  • Voice Recognition

Voice-activated gameplay has been going on for some time, but the promise of using software for gaming systems have eventually come to life— computers can now quickly identify a user’s voice command. Not only can you switch on and off the controller with this software, but you also can use voice commands to monitor games, engage with social media, access Networks library collections or browse through the internet.

  • Face Recognition

If the system can identify your voice, then why not your face? The development of technology in gaming has led to the game and devices being more engaged with their users. The server can recognize you and sign in just by identifying your face. This has led to the gaming data being more secure and more controlled user experience.

  • Operations through Motions and Gesture

While being new, this feature has established new opportunities for the game. Those who don’t like game controllers and keys can use motion sensors to appreciate a fantastic gaming experience. Motion sensors provide an excellent alternative for consumers to have a more realistic and worthwhile time while playing.

  • High-Quality Graphics

Enter the chic world of Ultra 4K graphics where this feature allows you to have a visual experience of 4000 pixels being displayed right in front of the eyes has kicked the 1080 HD quality out of the market. When this feature arose from televisions, it was worth thousands of bucks. However, the advancement of technology has caused the price to decrease, and gamers can engage themselves in an ultra 4k gaming experience. Unmatchable colors and graphics are waiting for you gamers out there. Go and “Up” your game now!

Future of Tech-gaming

The evolution of technology has allowed the world of gaming to develop and rise over time. With continuous development, gamers can expect VR to make an entry in the world of gaming. The current features are also under constant development and towards the road of betterment. We can say that the time is not far away when people would experience gaming as a reality-based experience.

Bio: Arslan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Shireeen Inc.