From open source games to gaming glasses, video games in the coming years are expected to be more realistic and technologically advanced than you can ever imagine. Backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology, another integral part of future video game is expected to be virtual and augmented reality sets.

Earlier VR and AR did not receive much positive feedback from gamers; however, it is expected to make a better and stronger comeback in 2020. Besides AR and VR technology, the gaming industry is expected to see a lot of more positive changes in the coming years.

The Trend of Virtual Reality (VR) Games

For pro gamers, the concept of virtual reality (VR) is not new. However, VR is expected to shape up the future of gaming industry. Earlier, VR games lacked good quality graphics, making the whole gaming experience quite bizarre and unrealistic for gamers.

Also, games like PUBG and Fortnite had garnered such a strong fanbase that made it even more challenging for VR game developers to come up with something that could stand next to such iconic games.

While gamers were busy playing PUBG and Fortnite, VR game developers focused on different ways to upgrade the VR and AR experience for gamers. Today, VR and AR game developers have become technically strong to create such realistic graphics that will surely make VR and AR games popular among gamers in 2020.

The Impact of Cloud Technology on the Gaming Industry

Cloud technology is gaining immense popularity in the gaming industry. Through 4G and 5G technology, it is possible to play video games on any mobile device through the internet. Moreover, all games will be automatically updated via cloud.

Many gaming companies are also planning to charge a monthly fee for their games. This will help gamers to purchase a variety of games instead of focusing on a single game. By 2020, gamers will be free from the painstaking job of cleaning their PC software as everything will be operated through the cloud.

Open Source Games

In the coming years, games will be less expensive to create and play. Today, there are hundreds of indie games that are free to download and play and this trend is expected to grow even more.

In the coming years, new game developers won’t require a lot of investment to create and market their game. With the help of game developing tools and softwares like Ouya and Godot Engine, it will be easier for new game developers to collaborate and create computer games without spending much money on buying expensive game building tools and software.

More Advanced Gaming Devices for Gamers

Lately, the top three names in the gaming market; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been promoting their handheld gaming console devices. Now, users can play video games through their tablets and smartphones. With the help of various apps that can be connected with the main gaming device, users can easily play their favorite games without using a separate gaming console.

Nintendo’s Wii U gamepad and Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass are such gaming devices that can be integrated with a main gaming system. With such complementary gaming devices, users can easily play their favorite game on any gadget without losing the game time.

The Rising Popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) Games

Earlier, games like Pokémon Go introduced the concept of augmented reality to gamers. The game became an instant hit with gamers of all ages. Just like Pokémon Go, many other games based on AR technology are set to release in 2020. A lot of changes have been made to provide the best gaming experience to players.

There is no doubt that the gaming industry is continuously changing and evolving. Today, e-gaming is giving hundreds of pro gamers a chance to show their skills to the world. Due to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets and the cloud technology itself, the video gaming industry has more than 1.5 billion gamers across the globe.

In 2018, the gaming industry generated more than $100 billion through mobile and console games. In the beginning of 2019, Apple launched a monthly subscription service for over 80 video games for iPhone and iPad. Similarly, Google plans to release an online game streaming service called Stadia.