Post submitted by Jayde Lynch

Priced at $69,999.99, the newly-released 98″ Samsung 8K Class Q900 QLED Smart TV costs more than the median U.S. household income. Clearly, this is one of the most expensive TVs on the market. It’s also considered the world’s best TVs for gaming, thanks to its collection of gaming-specific features. If you can believe it, the TV has more features than digits in its name. But what is special about these features and why do they cost so much money? 

New Features Are Making Gamers Anxious for the Future

Currently, there are no platforms or consoles in existence that can facilitate 8K broadcasting. While owners of the 98 inch Samsung Gaming TV won’t be able to play video games in 8K, they will still be able to play games at a higher video and audio level than all other TV owners. This TV contains Dynamic Black Equalizer, a technology which increases visibility in the dark and analyzes individual scenes to properly calibrate the video. The technology also makes sound more immersive. Additionally, the 98 inch Samsung has FreeSync, which reduces lag to give you real-time gaming speed. Other features of the 98 inch Samsung include automatic adaptation, which adjusts brightness and sound in real-time to match the room’s conditions; invisible connection, which allows for all video and audio devices to be inputted with a single cord; and ambient mode to make the TV blend into the environment when it’s not in use.

How The TV Justifies its Price

Even though its currently a moot feature, one of the main reasons why people are buying the 98 inch Samsung is its 8K input. If you didn’t know, 8K means that the screen can accommodate 8000 pixel video (7,680 x 4,320 pixels to be exact). 8K is twice as clear as 4K, the current benchmark of high-quality TV and model that many have already upgraded to, and 16 times as clear as regular HD. The Samsung’s owners can’t wait until 2020 when the 8K-capable consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett are expected to be released. Until then, anyone who purchases the 98 inch Samsung will have to be content gaming HD or 4K on their 8K TV.

It’s impossible not to mention the TV’s 98 inch (8.17 foot) screen when talking about market value. Its size is arguably the biggest contributor to its price, since the difference between an 85 inch and an 82 inch Samsung gaming TV is roughly $17,000. The difference between the 85 inch gaming TV and the 98 inch is $50,000. No other Samsung gaming TV is as large as the 98 inch.

Because it costs nearly $70,000, the newly-released 98″ Samsung 8K Class Q900 QLED Smart TV isn’t in most people’s budget. However, its gaming capabilities are a sign of things to come when 8K consoles hit the market. Hopefully by that time the 98 inch Samsung will be a little more affordable.