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Post submitted by Jayde Lynch

PewDiePie recently became the first ever YouTube gamer to surpass more than 100 million subscribers according to an article on The Verge. Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie started his YouTuber channel by playing and reacting to horror themed games online. He, just like YouTubers such as KSI and TheRadBrad, make millions of dollars through sponsored posts and partly from YouTube ads. However, new YouTube gamers are having trouble growing their subscribers because the “industry” has become saturated. In order to succeed, new YouTube gamers need to stand out from the rest.

Growing YouTube subscribers

Before you start thinking about making money, you need to know how to grow your subscriber numbers. Subscribers are important because you can engage with them on topics such as how to complete gaming levels, what upcoming games to play, gaming techniques and so on. They are also more likely to watch your new videos because they will get notifications every time you post new content.

To ensure that people don’t just view your videos but also subscribe to your channel, you will need to create high quality content. For example, quality gaming content includes high resolution videos with exciting and engaging background narration. Microphones such as Rode NT-USB or Audio-Technica AT2035 will help you record a crisp and clear narration that will keep your viewers coming back for more. The more subscribers you get the more you will be able to sell merchandise and get to post lucrative sponsored posts.

You may need an MCN

As your subscriber number continues growing, it may get harder to manage your channel. What PewDiePie and other popular Youtubers did when their subscribers increased, was work with Multi-Channel-Networks that gave them access to helpful resources for their growth. These companies handle advertising, monetization and copyright law issues on behalf of the YouTubers that partner with them. They can help monetize your gaming videos by doing things such as negotiating with various game developers to sponsor your channel, and then they share the profits with you. If you have a larger subscriber base, you can demand a bigger percentage of the profits than if you are just starting your channel.

Having loyal subscribers 

There are many examples of popular gaming YouTubers that fell out with their MCN’s and survived. All they did was create new channels, and then asked their faithful subscribers to follow them. You can cultivate subscriber loyalty by not burning out your subscribers with too much content. Make all your video length manageable and do not post several videos in a day.

However, one thing that could make you lose many subscribers almost instantly is by saying offensive stuff related to gaming and other topics. For example, gamers that support microtransactions in games, have faced a lot of backlash from people in the YouTube gaming community. In such situations, it is better to present both sides of the argument genuinely without leaning too much to one side. Remember that your gaming channel is all about having fun playing games while making money. 

Your responsibility to subscribers is to deliver quality gaming content regularly. Keep your subscribers engaged and entertained, and you may just end up being the next PewDiePie.