Post submitted by Danny Kariuki

The expenses that make one run out of cash are not far fetched. They are as trivial as expenses for airtime, mobile network subscription bills and the likes of them.

Also, every once in a while, like a plague, users see the need to upgrade their gadgets. Many users would even dispose their phones, rather than sell used iPhone or android mobile phone. These are the things that result in seemingly unnecessary spending.

All these expenses make your paycheck gone before the end of the month and also make you see the need to take on an extra job, perhaps a job you can work at in the evenings.

Working two jobs to live a quality lifestyle might not be the kind of lifestyle most users will normally choose, but as the saying goes, tough times call for tough measures and trust me, many users would pick working two jobs over having to suffer a lack of funds.

What if there was some other way for you to earn some money without doing anything—a form of passive income stream for you?

While it is hard to believe, certain apps can make you money without any extra effort on your part.

These Apps include iPoll, Shopkick, FieldAgent, CitizenMe, Curious Cat, Feature Points and Street Bees. These apps would take burden of some expenses off you.

All you need to do is have most of them on your phone, as several of them pay you for spending more hours using your phone, a habit that gives pleasure to most users.