If you haven’t caught on to the world of VR (virtual reality) gaming, then you’re missing out. Fan-boys are spamming buttons on the latest cash-grab titles until their fingers fall off, and that’s the only thing keeping consoles alive. The bubble is going to pop sooner or later. It seems like every day another major game developer is going under. Where’s this trend coming from? The gaming community is saying that developers don’t care about them anymore. The truth is that the days of consoles are over. Independent game designers are taking the market by storm.

In a few years, no one is going to trade their hard earned money for a red-ring-of-death to plug into an expensive TV. You might as well be banging rocks together in a cave somewhere. It’s all just a matter of time. Here are five reasons why virtual reality is going to replace consoles.

1. You Have Control

There’s only so much a guy can do with a couple of joysticks. Just imagine how complex natural movement really is. Full-body control is just around the corner in VR. The HTC Vive has implemented tracking technology that lets you freely move within virtual environments. It opens up doors to so many new experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else.

You can interact with new friends in VR Chat. You can climb to the top of Mount Everest on Google Earth without stepping a foot outside. Conquering fear is as simple as putting on a headset, and pummeling hoards of zombies back into the abyss. You can spend a day in another person’s shoes, and see life through new eyes. Freedom is by far the greatest asset to virtual reality. The playable character is you, and the world is yours.

2. Virtual Reality Is More Than Gaming

There’s no doubt that VR gaming will totally blow your mind, but there’s more to it than that. Take a look at Virtual Desktop for a good example. It’s a program that allows you to view your desktop in a completely virtual setting. Do you want your own movie theater with a screen the size of a building? For most people that would take a lifetime of hard work, but you could have it shipped to your house in a cardboard box next week.

Imagine what VR could do for productivity in an office setting. An entrepreneur on the other side of the country could have a face-to-face meeting without spending a dime on airfare. Multiple monitor setups are possible without having to mount a single screen. Virtual-training simulation is probably going to be a big part of what the future has in store.

3. Consoles Can’t Compete

Anyone can see that investing in a console is definitely a losing game. They can’t be upgraded by the user. That’s the worst thing about them. They’ll keep coming out with dozens of models with slightly better components, but it’s never going to equal the same amount of flexibility you get with a PC.

You’re going to end up with lots of useless disks that aren’t compatible with the next generation of devices. A decent PC can be incrementally updated over time without breaking your bank account. Digital stores like Steam turn all those disk cases into a relic of the past. Fans are going to keep collecting, but the majority of players will probably care more about their experiences.

4. Applications in the Health Industry

Some healthcare programs are already implemented virtual reality experiences to help burn victims deal with the pain they experience in recovery. The environment around you can have a very serious effect on your state of mind, but it can also totally change your perceived well-being.

The placebo of virtual reality can make confinement to a hospital room much more enjoyable for patients with long-term illnesses. A little positive attitude can go a long way. Virtual reality could play an important role in the rehabilitation programs of the future.

5. Exercise

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you know how tough it can be to get enough exercise. That’s especially true for those who have a really limited schedule for gaming. It’s hard to make the healthy choice when you’ve got goals to meet on your next play-through. Virtual reality isn’t just an amazing experience for your mind, but it’s also a great way to accidentally get into shape.

There are certainly a few very intense titles out there for anyone who wants to focus on fitness. Don’t let the idea of exercise scare you away from getting a VR headset. You won’t even realize you’re doing anything good for your body after only a few sessions. You’re probably not going to come out of your headset with a six-pack, but you’ll get plenty of time off the couch. That never hurt anyone!

Give It a Try

You can usually find a virtual reality center in most major cities. There might even be a station at the mall that you can pay a few bucks to try out. It’d be a great idea to check out the whole experience before buying your own set at home. You’ll probably want to buy one as soon as you give it a go!


  1. People have been saying this for over 20 years. It still hasin’t happened. Why? Because of control. Contrary to what this article claims controlling a character in VR is still gimmicky at best. You simply can’t a play a game with complex controls in VR yet. Hopefully that will change in the future but for now it’s not even close.

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