Cocospy iPhone Monitoring App Review: Best Apps to Monitor Your Child’s iPhone


If you want to keep a close eye on someone, you can try using spyware apps. There are several spyware solutions available in the market. We are going to discuss a reliable tracking app and let you know why this is one of the best spyware apps available in the marketplace.

Cocospy is premium spyware and tracking app. It is regarded as among the best apps if you want to spy on someone.


We will be describing the features of this app and tell you what makes it the best iPhone monitoring software in the marketplace. It is a premium tracking app that is featured in several top publications including Digital Trends, Life Wire, CNET, Tech Radar and others.

Cocospy tracking app has different versions. It has both a free and premium version. You will be surprised to know that this app offers every important function even if you use the free version.

Moreover, you can use this app to track and record live calls. It tracks messages and email. Moreover, this app will help you keep track of someone’s social media activity.

You can also use this app to track someone’s GPS location in real time. You will be able to look into the targets calendar and contact list. You can also read their instant messages and get remote control access the device if you need.

The thing that makes Cocospy stand out than others is because it doesn’t need you to jailbreak and rot your device. You don’t have to go to any tough and long process to use this device. You don’t need to be a text expert when it comes to using this app.

How to use this App?

Cocospy lets you keep track of your target. It saves both your time and effort to track someone. You won’t have to go through a complex procedure to install this app. You download the app from its official website and install it on your and target’s device. You should know when you upgrade to premium version; you will get several features that don’t come in a free version of the app.

You will need physical access to the target device if you want to install this app. Once you install this app, you will track their live location, contact list, and social media activity.

Cocospy ashboard

The interface of this app is very user-friendly. It comes with excellent customer support and a brief guide shall you need any help.


We are going to describe the features of this app in details:

Phone Call Tracking

You can keep track of every call received and sent via the target device. You will get instant notifications on your dashboard as there is some activity. You will see real call duration for every call.

Social Media Tracking

If you want to keep track of someone’s social media activity, then you need Cocospy. With this app, you can keep track of the users Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. It helps you to keep track of all messages sent or received on these platforms, video calls, chats, and their posts or stories. You can also see the activity in their social media group.


You will have the ability to tab into the SMS and messages of your target. You get to see whom and how the target communicates via SMS. You can see sent, receive time of every message with their context. You even get remote control access of the device.


Cocospy is among the best spyware products in the market. This app is made while keeping user comfort in mind. It’s easy to install, set up and use. You won’t have any issues with their spyware even if you never used a tracker app before.

So if you want to keep track of someone you love, this spyware app will suffice you.