by beconrad

If you have welcomed a smart speaker into your home, you are certainly not alone. These connected devices have taken the marketplace by storm, creating one of the fastest adoption rates in the history of technology.

As the proud owner of an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or other smart speaker, you already know your new device can do some amazing things. But even many long-time owners do not realized the true capabilities of these tiny houseguests. Here are six amazing things you may not know your smart speaker could do.

  1. Track down your lost phone. If you own both a Google Home device and an Android-based smartphone, you can use your smart speaker to find the phone when it goes missing. In order for this feature to work, the phone and the Google Home must be on the same network, but after than, your lost phone will quickly be found again.
  2. Create a home inventory. There are certain things you need rarely, but when you need them, you really need them. For these items, your Google home can help. If you put your homeowner’s insurance documents in the safe or in the back of your closet, just tell your Google home. If you need to know where they are, just ask.
  3. Play fun games. To be fair, you may already know about this feature, but you may not realize the number of games your smart speaker can play. From card games and word games to online adventures, your smart speaker can open up a world of entertainment.
  4. Ditch your dictionary. When you have a smart speaker, you will never need a dictionary again. The next time you encounter an unknown word in your newest novel or hear an unusual term on TV, just wake up your smart speaker and ask for a definition. With your smart speaker in your corner, you will be a wordsmith in no time.
  5. Share your family photographs. If you store your family photos in the cloud, you can use your smart speaker to share them with people around the world. From vacation photos to baby pictures, a world of sharing is just a voice command away.
  6. Welcome guests to your network. Leaving your home WiFi network open is risky, but restricting access can be inconvenient. If you have a smart speaker, you can set up access for your guests, securing your home network while allowing those you trust to use their favorite devices.

Having a smart speaker in your home provides a new level of capability and convenience, but many people do not realize just how much they can do. If you are ready to teach your smart speaker some new tricks, you may want to start with the six ideas outlined above.