Technology is growing at a rapid pace, especially in the world of 3D printing. You only have to look in the news to see the benefits in healthcare and science, with newly found technologies like 3D, Printed organs, to prosthetic limbs and even more recently pills that help to diagnose and treat health problems. Although you won’t be able to change medical history in the same way with your 3D printer, here are three really useful reasons why it should be on your next wish-list.

  1. It’s an Inexpensive Hobby

Some hobbies can take years to learn and can cost the earth in the process. Others like 3D printing are very affordable and can be absorbed quickly. Everything in 3D printing can easily be found online, with hundreds of printable models to choose from, and all sizes of a budget covered.

For first time buyers seeing the sheer number of available 3D printers will make you feel lost. Do you buy a pre-built or a DIY kit? What are the reviews on this new 3D printer compared to that 3D printer?

Along with expense, time will be the biggest dictator in the type you choose: The DIY kits are the cheapest to buy and are perfect for those who want to understand how every part works in their 3D Printer. On the other hand, pre-built kits can cost as much as three times more for the same printer, and cater for people who have limited time or who don’t want to understand the building aspect of 3D printers.

Choosing a pre-built has its advantages:  There are fewer chance things will go wrong, as building a 3D printer from scratch can be frustrating (especially if you happen to get a 3D printer with instructions in Chinese) and requires careful assembling of electrical components. Wrongly placed parts can lead to a damaged 3D printer or can become a fire hazard.

Once you have got your 3D printer ready to print you have lots of designs to choose from, which are available in their numbers online at Simply purchase some filament, make sure your 3D Printer is calibrated, view the settings using Cura software (which nicely displays how much the item will cost to print), and you’re off.

Running costs are also low for electrical consumption, and with the self-replicating nature of 3D printing if anything breaks it can easily be printed off and fixed.

2. Home Improvements

Do you often struggle to find items in your house? Printing objects to help make your life easier and more organized is another added benefit of owning a 3D Printer. Can’t find somewhere to put your coat? Easy. A quick search online and you’ll find a coat peg to print. You can even fix your peg on the wall using printable screws that you can measure online and customize (available at Thingiverse) to meet the exact size you require. 

3. Beach Days and Gifts

The last idea is especially important for those who want to make life fun especially with their children. Visiting the beach can be one of the most memorable experiences for a child. There’s nothing more fulfilling than printing off an object that will leave a mark, such as a bucket (in your child’s favourite color), a spade, or even molds (that are great for younger children). Whatever you choose can be made to your desired size and personalized with your child’s name or a message.

So, whether you’re looking for something to get you more involved in technology, or you’re looking to develop your skills as a guru, there’s something 3D can offer everyone.