Are you feeling like a slave to your smartphone? Is it getting harder and harder to spend your free time without looking at a screen? If so, you may be addicted to technology. The worrying fact is that most people nowadays are also addicted, with studies claiming that 96% of respondents spend at least one hour a day using their smartphones, and over half spend 5 hours or more. Whether you’re tired of continuously refreshing your feed to see the fake life others have created for themselves online, or simply want to reclaim your free time, it can feel like a daunting task. Here are great ways of breaking free from one of the greatest illnesses of the 21st century, smartphone addiction.

The ideal, and most effective way would be to find a partner willing to monitor your progress and guide you on the right path when you relapse. It is even more effective if you convince that partner to try and reduce their smartphone usage too, so you can supervise each other’s progress. Choosing to do this means that whenever you’ll think about relapsing, you will think about the consequences, which entail someone else knowing your failure, not only yourself.

If you can’t find anyone to monitor your usage, there’s an app for that! Whether you are using an Android or an iOS device, there are apps that allow you to set up a maximum usage time for each app. When you reach the maximum allocated time, the app kicks you out for the day. Additionally, there are apps that allow you to block certain websites, so you don’t feel the need to use the browser once you’ve surpassed your allocated time on the apps. All of these apps can be easily enabled and disabled, so that if there is an emergency, you can regain control over your apps.

If you truly want to commit to this cause, you can make a long-term change that is extremely hard to revert: changing your mobile data plan to a cheaper one with less data. By doing this, you won’t only reduce your smartphone usage definitively, as you will have to use the Internet sparingly, but you will also save money that can be used on new hobbies! To motivate yourself, you can keep a note on how much you are saving per month, so you can see the total increasing monthly.

Another way you can give up smartphone addiction is treating its cause rather than its symptoms: you are probably wasting your time on social media because you don’t have any interesting hobbies to keep you occupied. If this is the case for you, then you need to search for creative hobbies to put your energy and attention into. From sewing to cooking to writing poems or playing football, there are plenty of activities that will relieve you of your need to compulsively check your phone.

Lastly, there is always the nuclear option: close your social media accounts and delete the apps that keep you coming back. While nothing keeps you from reinstalling the apps, it takes a lot of time to undo your actions, which is time for rethinking whether you really want to relapse or not.

All in all, there are many ways you can break free from your addiction, no matter what it is. However, in the age of technology, when everyone around you is constantly on their phone, obsessing over their social media accounts, it can be very easy to relapse. If you truly want to reclaim your life, then you should remain loyal to your chosen method from above, as you are destined to see it through.