4 Must-Have PlayStation 4 Accessories
Sony’s PlayStation 4 is one of the world’s best-selling gaming consoles, with incredible graphics power and a lineup of awesome titles, like the recent Spider-Man game that’s earned rave reviews. But part of the fun of owning a gaming console is checking out the different peripherals and accessories you can use to make the experience even more immersive or convenient. Here are four of the most essential accessories for the PS4.
1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset
A major selling point of the PlayStation 4 is the chance to play online games with friends and strangers. Games like Fortnite have attracted millions of people to compete and cooperate in online battles. But you can’t fully participate if you can’t be a part of the conversation! You need a headset to engage in trash talk with opponents and coordinate attacks with teammates, and the Stealth 600 Wireless from Turtle Beach is an affordable and high-quality option. Wireless headphones give you a lot more range of motion, and the 50mm speakers in these headphones deliver crisp, high-quality sound. You can use the attached microphone to chat with others in-game.
2. Y Team PS4 Controller Charger
The PS4’s rechargeable batteries take a major headache and expense out of the equation by allowing you to juice your controller up without replacing the batteries. But you’ll be out of luck if your controller dies in the middle of a heated session and you have no convenient way of charging it. Y Team’s charging dock has room to store and charge 2 controllers at once and can charge a single controller from depleted to fully charged in just 2.5 hours. The attractive design looks great, and if you lose your controllers frequently, this provides a great place to store them so you’ll always know where they are.
3. Seagate 2TB Game Drive Portable External USB Hard Drive
Downloadable games have surpassed discs in popularity, and gone are the days where you’d carry a big binder full of discs to a buddy’s house to play. Instead, you can use Seagate’s portable, durable Game Drive to store 50 or more games in one place. Unlike other hard drives, it’s designed for and tested with the PlayStation 4, and can be connected and set up in under 5 minutes. The super-speed USB 3.0 connection makes it so there’s 0 delay in pulling up and playing games.
4. Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel
For the true racing game enthusiast, a wheel accessory is absolutely essential. It turns the experience of a racing game into a truly immersive, realistic challenge. This wheel was developed in partnership with Sony and works perfectly with all PS4 and Ps4 Pro consoles. It’s equipped with a powerful servo motor to provide realistic torque on the steering axis so that you can really feel the resistance as you make sharp turns. For games like Gran Turismo, a racing wheel is really essential, and the Fanatec CSL Elite is as good as it gets.

Your PS4 is lonely! Get some accessories to keep it company. The ones above are all great options.