Smartphone applications have become a major tool for easy travel. From offline navigation to real-time currency exchange, apps are making both long-term and short-term travel effortless. Out of the hundreds of apps available, only a handful have become must-have travel technologies.

With the rise of smartphones and mobile applications in the past decade, traveling has never been easier. In fact, it is almost difficult to get lost or book a terrible place to stay. Among the thousands of mobile applications dedicated to travel, few stand out above the rest. Whether a trip lasts one week or one year, these five apps are must-have tools.


The application provides offline maps and navigation. Without internet or a local SIM card in a foreign country, the normal way people look up directions online doesn’t work. This app uses downloaded maps and offline GPS to give users detailed location and navigation services. This is by the far most useful app for anyone traveling internationally.

2) TripAdvisor

As the leading online service for travel ratings and reviews, TripAdvisor gives users information on the top-ranked attractions and things to do in every city. Because the ratings and reviews are crowdsourced from users, it’s the trustworthy way to ensure everyone can create the perfect itinerary from the palm of their hand.

3) WhatsApp

Acquired by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp is the leading international messaging platform for smartphones. With internet access, users get the power of text messaging in a simple, fast interface. The app is perfect for keeping in touch with companions, family, and new acquaintances abroad.


The app provides filterable searches for hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and other accommodations all over the world. Users can filter searches by location, price, and reviews. makes reserving a place to stay as easy as tapping a phone. In addition, all of the reviews are left by customers who booked the establishment through the app, thereby eliminating any false reviews.

5) XE Currency

On an international trip, exchanging currencies can be one of the confusing aspects of everyday transactions. From bus tickets to shopping, every purchase involves a mental rundown. With XE Currency, users can plug in the amount in one currency and instantly see the exchange into several other currencies simultaneously. This is especially useful when converting from one foreign currency to another.

In the smartphone era, technology and travel have come to form a synergistic union for the benefit of domestic and international travelers alike. While these five mobile apps are the top travel tools in 2016, every year more unique software is created. All vacationers should research the latest travel apps before each excursion to ensure the smoothest trip possible.


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