2016 in Smartphones, or The Year of Disappointment

2016 has been extremely disappointing in terms of smartphone technology. This article goes over the disastrous events that have led to the current boring and bland state of the market.

2016 in Smartphones, or The Year of Disappointment
The smartphone market is currently stuck in a limbo of continuous advertising and disappointing releases, almost always followed by atrocious support. This limbo is being continued by the “giants” of the industry, such as Google, Apple and Samsung, not only because they are afraid of innovating, but because they are actively raising the expectations and then dropping way below them. In the meanwhile, Chinese companies are doing their best to revert the market back to its original, innovative state: companies like Xiaomi or Huawei are selling incredible phones with fantastic features at low prices, only to make a name for themselves and continue the trend of innovating in the mobile market.

Even with the Chinese companies doing their best, 2016 was a disastrous year, starting from the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident. Although the media did its best to cover that incident, analyzing it is important, even if only for the fact that it all started because Samsung squeezed the battery too hard inside the phone, leaving the battery punctured in one place, with that becoming the shortest route for electricity to run through. This is why, after a bit of usage, the phone catches fire. This issue led to a large number of properties being destroyed by fires, and even to a small child being burned. Naturally, Samsung recalled the phones estimated to have the problem and offered replacement phones. It only took a few days for those replacement phones to also catch fire, having Samsung recall them all, and marking a tough end to the Note brand.

When one of Samsung’s flagships started bombing (literally), people turned to its biggest competitor, Apple. Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 quickly became an Internet sensation not for its features, but for the lack of. Branded as “courage”, the new iPhone 7 is basically the last iteration, but with a better processor, battery and with no headphone jack. The disappointment coming from Apple didn’t stop here, though, as the newest Macbook Pro has led to an enormous increase in Google searches for “Macbook Pro alternatives”. The reason for this is that besides a fairly interesting touchscreen, the laptop lacks a lot of features.

Samsung and Apple were down, and Google was teasing a huge event that was supposed to be as iconic as the release of Android. Phone geeks on the Internet started hyping up the event, thinking it would be the release of a new Google operating system, called Andromeda. Sadly, it was only the reveal for the Google Pixel, an overpriced line of phones made by Google meant to replace the Nexus line. While not extremely disappointing, as the phone packs a lot of features, it doesn’t innovate, and instead aims to be among the other bland and boring smartphones on 2016’s market.

There you have it, the state of 2016’s smartphone market: a continuous disappointment caused by companies that are too scared to innovate in case they make a mistake.


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