Candy Crush Jelly Saga

This game presents a new component in the Candy Crush franchise, called “Jelly” (that’s the Jelly in Candy Crush Jelly Saga). This new element is simply identified by its purple hue, as opposed to the regular blue board.

Through the first levels, after performing nothing for some seconds, the game will sense your desperation and instantly propose a move. This is an excellent way of directing newcomers through their first candy crush jelly experience thereby making the mobile phone game easier for them to play. Also, through loading screens, the mobile game describes what combinations you can create so as to get special candies. Candy Crush Jelly Saga by no means gives you a proper tutorial, but explains what you need to do through some other means.

The game starts easy by requesting one to “spread the jelly.” This indicates that the entire board needs to be filled with this strange purple component. How do you do it? Combine candies which are covered by jelly with candies that aren’t, and the jelly will certainly spread through all blocks concerned.

The catch is the fact that the mobile phone game provides you with a certain amount of turns to get it done. It would be very easy otherwise. Use up your turns and you’ll lose a life. Lose all the five lives available and you won’t be able to proceed, except someone sends you live through Facebook. For those who choose not to disturb their friends with candy crush jelly requests on Facebook, you can purchase lives making use of gold bars (read: money). Also, the game replenishes your lives automatically; however this will take a couple of hours. It’s a smart system to get new users, which has proven very helpful for King, but it’s quite frustrating for everyone else involved.

When complementing candies in a different way, you’ll usually get newer components on the board. For instance, match 4 candies of the same kind and a striped candy will appear. Making use of it in another combination will clear a complete column or row. Matching 5 candies will produce a Color Bomb that you can combine with another candy which will demolish all candies of the similar color. There are numerous kinds of unique candies, which add depth to the gameplay and could be the distinction between clearing and failing a level.