Mekorama android mobile game from developer Martin Magni is a captivating puzzler featuring a pudgy robot shuffling adorably around mechanized 3D dioramas. The puzzle game provides 50 native stages/levels and also the chance to create your own puzzles or attempts to solve those of other players. The game is available on mobile phones with android OS.

To help you play with pleasure, you can play the Magni created levels or you can build your own.

Firstly, free your camera. On the 5th screen of the menu, turn “free camera” on. If it’s turned off you will only be able to rotate the diorama 90 degrees each time which makes it very hard to see into specific sections of the puzzle.

Aim cautiously when advancing to small cubes with gaps around them. It is quite easy to overshoot and simply fall off your diorama with no other way to get back on. If you do so, you’ll only have to restart the level.

If a component in the scene spins, it is possible to balance on it at various angles while it rotates provided that you move gradually and carefully. You will probably fall off, however, so just use it when you need it to turn a corner or reach a stable platform.

You don’t need to see the entire path ahead of you to progress. As far as there is no obstacle within the section you can’t see, you can actually tap an accessible block anywhere along the pathway you’re trying to advance through and your robot will move forward to your destination block.

If it’s not immediately clear the place you need to go to achieve your goal, start tapping around the blocks to check what’s open (indicated by a little splash circle) and what’s off limits (indicated by a red-colored x). Your robot will move to anything that is open which will start to uncover how you should proceed.

Before you start progressing from the complex maze-like stages, reverse engineer the maze by tracing your pathway backwards from the objective as much as you can; this will create a conceptual goal that’s nearer to your starting position and seems a bit less complicated.

If you discontinue the game while you’re in the middle of finding way to progress from a level, your progress isn’t saved. Ensure you’re prepared to begin from scratch if you quit.

There are unlimited ways to create your own level, which may be complicated. Try reproducing an easy, early native level to observe how it was created as soon as you have the elements, change parts to make it distinct. If you wish to start from scratch, try constructing a platform of steady elements with your starting position and finishing point in place, then incrementally take out pieces and exchange them with barriers or moving components.

So generally this is how you play Mekorama mobile game on your android or IOS mobile phones and it is quite fun and simple fun game and perhaps as soon as you complete all these hell out of levels we can move around and we have scam levels get few level cards from Twitter or Facebook for more on the web. Mekorama is still one of the best mobile gaming application.