At times I have to be reminded to stop playing a game. Few games can be highly addicting, where you continually like to get better, powerful or richer. Normally, these types of games are simple enough that learning how to play isn’t the issue; the trouble is in creating a strategy for the complicated interaction of the basic components. These types of mobile games can sometimes keep one playing throughout the night, as one will continuously second guess (“Maybe it might have worked if I had done X rather than Y when Z happened….”) this type of game is Clash of Clans, and provided that the game is well known, I know several other people are also in this type of boat.

The Play

I’ll begin by stating that this mobile phone game is a nicely designed strategy title. It’s exciting and colorful. But if you boil the mobile gaming action down to its basic terms, you are basically creating and defending your own goodies while seeking to break down and acquire everybody else’s stuff.
You begin with a small village-like location with a couple of tiny structures, a tiny army and tiny cannon. And then you try to turn them into a much bigger structures. For this is a realm of marauding hordes of goblins and huge attacking multiplayer clans. So tiny certainly doesn’t cut it here. You have to build, my aspiring chieftain. To achieve that, you will need two materials: virtual gold and elixir.

Gold purchases the building of essential let’s-get-bigger structures and it likewise helps you bulk up your expanding kingdom with protective necessities such as archer towers, walls, canons and the likes. Elixir is the things that trains up and keeps your troops. Archers, barbarians and giants flesh out the initial tier of fighters, after which you can upgrade your battler ranks to skeletal wall-breakers, witches, goblins, dragons, bomb-dropping balloons, flying imps, Valkyries, golems and even immortal heroes. A motley assortment to be certain, but they understand how to plunder and pillage.

There are several android mobile phone game builders that have attempted to do what Clash of Clans achieved, but most of them fail to deliver. That’s fine though, as Clash of Clans appears like it’s going to be sticking around for quite a long time. They’re updating it quite often and they could possibly make new character inclusions within the year.