The Six Most Useful Android Widgets


Along with all the benefits an Android phone provides, widgets make them unique. Widgets are convenient ways to view information, and they provide quick, easy access to apps and functions. Here is a list of the best Android widgets for customizing your user experience.

1Weather Widget


1Weather is one of the most popular free Android widgets because of its simple functionality and customizations. It has multiple options for backgrounds, videos and text colors, as well as options for displaying the weather with or without the time. It is well designed, intuitive, and integrates with other apps including Google search and maps.

Scrollable News Widget

Scrollable News Widget

One of the most customizable scrollable news readers, Scrollable News lets you look up, search and manage multiple feeds. With many layouts and a grid or list option, it also has share, bookmark, refresh and fetch buttons to manage content from all your news sources. Fully scrollable and resizable, it lets you switch between sources and enables easy reading.



Reddinator Widget


Reddinator keeps you updated with world news and lets you customize your feed with subreddits and multireddits of your choice. It integrates fully with your Reddit account so you can post, comment and vote as you would on the site. The layout lets you scroll through recent stories easily while the “load more” button gives you continual access to stories. The customizable text sizes and themes make it another high-functioning news reader widget.



Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking widget that lets you take, store, organize and share notes, data and images. You can keep notes in list, audio or image formats and set reminders for tasks and events. Its easy-to-use and intuitive search function lets you filter, sort and find your entries, and it integrates fully with your Gmail account as well as other Google products.

Evernote Widget


Evernote is a streamlined note-taking widget for those who need a high degree of functionality. It integrates with the Evernote app but has the advantage of letting you take and manage your notes right from your home screen. The clutter-free interface offers a range of actions, shortcuts and favorites to make you more productive and is fully customizable.

Color Note Widget
ColorNote NotePad Notes

Simple but powerful, Notepad Notes provides linear and checklist-style note taking. You can color-code all your notes and lists, password-protect them, set reminders, and share or store them on the cloud or other media. For people who rely on notes and reminders, it is one of the most functional and practical Android widgets.


These are some of the most useful widgets to download to your Android device. They can help you access information, save time and stay organized and productive. They also let you customize the way you use your Android device so you can get to the information you need with just a few taps.