How to Clean Up Your Android Phone: 3 Easy Steps


Ever had a situation where a friend just showed you a cool new Android app they just installed on their phone, but when you went to install it too you discovered you had no space left on your phone? Avoid future embarrassment with these 3 steps.

#1 Figure out what Android apps you actually use and delete the rest

I install apps, use them once, then forget to ever delete them until the day they decide to update at a bad time and try to use up all of my monthly data plan. Don’t be that person – – delete apps you don’t use, it is better for your phone’s performance and for your peace of mind. To find out what apps you actually use, install the App Usage Android app.

Show app usage



You can see a breakdown of what time of day and how often you use your apps. Delete the ones you don’t use.



Show phone history



Also, you can see how much work time you have lost by checking your phone (it can be kind of scary!!!). Oh and don’t show your boss this chart!!



# 2 – Delete your old pictures.

Most people store more pictures than they need to one their phone. Why? Because they take all of their pictures on their phone and never delete any of them. But as soon as they accidentally drop their phone in the sink and it dies, they lose all of their pictures they didn’t put on social media. So not only is it bad for your phone to keep all of the pictures there, you can also lose them. Take advantage of Google Photos app and back everything up, then free up space with one click!

Google Photos


A slick interface that makes it easy to organize your photos, coupled with image enhancement, sync and backup, plus integration with Google Drive makes this app a must-have.




Free phone space


After backing up/synching your photos, freeing up the space on your device is only one click away.




# 3 – Clean your cached app data

After using your phone for a long time, cached data starts to add up. To clear cached data from your apps, go to Settings -> Device -> Applications -> Application Manager then choose the app you want to clear data from and choose “Clear Cache”. You can sort your apps by app size (assuming larger apps are more likely to cache more data – – not always true, but a useful enough standard if you are lazy like me), by choosing “More” -> “Sort by Size”.