Turn Off Always On Display in Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung recently unveiled the much awaited Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The phone is currently shipping out to those who pre-ordered the device. Mainly from the carriers. The phone brought a lot of interesting new features as well as some old ones like the microSD card slot as well as IP68 certification that makes the phone water resistant and dust proof.

As for the new features, the most talked about feature is the always on function, something that is available on the LG G5 as well. The always on display gives you time and date on your phone when the screen is turned off, and considering how Super AMOLED screen doesn’t drain battery when the screen is displaying black pixels. Still, a lot of concerns were raised about burn-ins being caused by the fact that the screen will, in fact, remain on.

Luckily, Samsung was smart enough to add a simple option to turn off the always on feature. This will not only preserve minimum battery, but will also help prevent the untimely burn-ins. If you happen to  own the S7 or the S7 Edge, you can turn off the always on display by following the guide below.

Turn Off Always On Display in Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Display.
  3. Once there, find the Always On and simply turn the toggle to Off.

That was all, folks. With few easy steps, you have successfully turned off the always on display on your Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge.