Change Colours on TWRP 3.0 Recovery

The famous custom recovery TWRP got updated to version 3.0 recently. The update brought in a lot of improvements including a refreshed UI. XDA user fichl was kind enough to create some colourful themes for the custom recovery that you can use. Luckily, theming your custom recovery isn’t as difficult as it may sound. As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to boot into your recovery to flash anything. It’s that easy.

Now theming a recovery won’t have any effect on the phone’s performance, it’s just a simple way to make the overall looks of the recovery better than the default one. The creator added themes for both landscape and portrait mode so you can choose from both. If you are willing to install a theme for your TWRP 3.0 recovery, you can follow the guide below.

Change Colours on TWRP 3.0 Recovery

  1. Download the colour of your choice in either landscape or portrait mode from here.
  2. Rename the downloaded zip file to
  3. Plug your device onto your computer if you have downloaded the zip on the computer.
  4. Simply copy the renamed to Internal Storage > TWRP > theme.
    If the “theme” folder isn’t there, simply create one.
  5. Once you have copied the to the theme folder, unplug your device.

Now every time you will boot into the recovery, you will have the fully themed TWRP 3.0 recovery. In case you faced any issues while changing the themes, feel free to let us know.


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