Fix Xperia Z5 Sudden Death issue

Although Sony happens to be a great manufacturer of smartphones, their famous Xperia Z series suffers from one major issue; the issue is known as sudden death issue and has been around ever since the original Xperia Z came out. Sony failed to acknowledge this issue and the issue remains till date.

Sony recently announced the X series of Xperia smartphones and made an announcement that they are discontinuing the Xperia Z line up of smartphones forever. However, that doesn’t matter that the devices won’t get any software support. That being said, quite a number of Xperia Z devices are failing to start up because of the sudden death issue.  If you are one of the unfortunate victims and wiling to fix the sudden death issue on your Xperia Z5, then you are at the right place. Simply follow the guide below and revive your Xperia Z5 from a dead state.

Note: Although this guide is for Xperia Z5, users having this issue on different Xperia devices can also use this guide to fix them. Do keep in mind that this guide only consist of tips and aren’t concrete fixes.

Fix Xperia Z5 Sudden Death Issue

  1. If your device isn’t functional and not turning on, press and hold the Power + Volume up buttons together for a few minutes. This has said to fix the sudden death issue.
  2. Download and install Sony PC Companion and connect your Sony Xperia phone to your PC using a USB cable. Once done, repair your device using the PC Companion.

In most cases, the sudden death issue gets fixed by Sony PC Companion as it reflashes the entire software. However, if the above given methods don’t work for you, it is advised to take the phone to official Sony franchise. If you have any alternative methods, feel free to let us know.