Doom Alpha Benchmark Results

Everyone’s favourite first person shooter Doom is currently in the Alpha stage, and as expected, gamers all around the world are taking their rigs to the test and see how it fairs. Some shocking revelations have come forth, according to the reports, the Doom Alpha runs better on AMD GPUs as compared to the Nvidia ones. But how good? Well, see for yourself.


As you can see, the GTX 980Ti is being beaten by AMD Radeon R9 290, this is really shocking as the 980Ti is overall, much more powerful than the R9 290 in terms of raw performance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Doom is still in the Alpha stage and there are an awful lot of optimisations that need to be make their way into the game.

That being said, and R9 290 performing better than the GTX 980Ti doesn’t give away anything in the first place. This is simply an alpha build and one shouldn’t speculate the performance of respective GPUs from these tests. You can see the complete list of tests in the gallery below:

Doom will be hitting the consoles and the PC somewhere this year. Sadly, there is no official release date. We’ll keep you posted about more details on Doom, till then, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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