This just in, according to an exclusive from Android Authority, the LG G5 that will be revealed this month will have an “always on” display. The source got their hand on a rather interesting GIF that shows a lot of smartphones glowing and by the end of the GIF, the LG G5 appears with the time and date for LG’s event at MWC, the GIF also shows the LG G5 logo so it is pretty much confirmed at the moment. Take a look at it yourself:



The always on display isn’t particularly new, the LG GFlex 2 and the LG G4 already have something similar known as the glance view that has been incorporated by Nokia more times than you can imagine; same is the case with Nexus 6P and Moto X.

Do keep in mind that Samsung already trademarked the always on display so we might be seeing more than one device with the always on display at MWC later this month. For more information on LG G5, stay tuned.




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