Photography at amateur level is one of the top trends nowadays. A people have even started ditching their professional cameras and started uploading images captured on their phones. Some stock camera apps are so good and have the ability to capture amazing photographs, also giving access to exclusive features on that phone. For instance Samsung’s Drama Shot. Although there are times that one wants to be a little unique and that is the time people turn towards different camera apps to enhance their photography skills and use their unique features. The best five of them are given below.

Camera 360Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is one of the most popular and the best apps on Google Play Store. Many people consider it a stock app replacement. Yes, it is that good and offers its user numerous features. Their recent update includes more camera settings.


CymeraCymera is yet another one of the most popular app on the Google Play Store, having more than 10 million downloads. Cymera has a unique feature that enables the user to capture a very specific kind picture. It is most commonly used to take pictures of peoples’ faces. Although it can be used as a regular camera app as well and has all the standard features that any camera app might have. This app has an entire section of filters and editing section exclusively for face shots.

DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR camera proIt is the kind of app that helps in regulating camera settings like changing ISO, exposure, white balance and grid lines. Some of the more common options are also available. For example, color effects and geo tagging, etc. Something that one should remember is that even though the app offers all of these features it does not necessarily mean that all of the said features will work as it depends on your device’s camera, whether it supports them or not.

GIF Camera

GIF cameraGIFs are the new cool and have been taking the internet by the storm. They are one huge source of entertainment for people and here is why we included this particular app in our list of top 5 camera apps. GIF Camera app lets the user create a GIF and is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the app and record whatever it is that you want to and this app will automatically turn it into a GIF. You can even add frame rates if it is to be shared elsewhere. Another cool feature that this app has to offer is that you make a collage of sorts and then turn it into a GIF.

Google Camera

Google CameraAs the name has already given it away, yes, it is another one of Google applications. This app has to offer features similar to PhotoSphere and Lens Blur Mode. Here’s the catch it only works on devices that support all of these features or else this app is no go for you.


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