Using Facebook’s own app and the messenger is pretty common for Android users. Despite both apps getting rather mediocre reviews on Google Play Store, the apps have become somewhat of an essential for people specially when they are away from their computer. Most people tend to completely stop using Facebook on their computers and stick to the much more convenient app. However, there is a major drawback here.

Both Facebook and Facebook Messenger are causing slowdowns on Android devices, now normally we would ignore it but the reported slowdowns range from 15-20 percent in general performance. This means that the apps take a longer to load, and there are some issues with touch screen functionality taking a hit too. Looking at the reports, we decided to take our own LG G4 on a spin to see if the reports are actually true or not and boy, were we surprised.

Aside from the occasional slowdown faced by the device, we also discovered that Facebook and Facebook Messenger didn’t let the phone go to DeepSleep at all. Surprisingly, this issue was persistent even if you are not connected to the internet. This made LG G4’s otherwise fair battery completely abysmal. We concluded some more tests on phones like Xperia Z2, and Galaxy S5 and found out the same results, the Xperia Z2 managed to give the best results thanks to the amazing overall battery.

How We Tested

All 3 phones were rooted and had BetterBatteryStats installed for getting proper reading, phones were put to sleep while connected to WiFi for about 20 minutes, when we unlocked them after 20 minutes to take the reading, it BetterBatteryStatss showed that the LG G4 was in DeepSleep for only 4 minutes out of 20, Xperia Z2 was in DeepSleep for 10 minutes and Galaxy S5 was in DeepSleep for just 7 minutes. Do keep in mind that the LG G4 was running official Marshmallow, as for the other phones, they were still running Lollipop so the doubt of Android version being a culprit was removed at the spot.

We decided to get rid of both Facebook Messenger and Facebook on all 3 phones and took the reading after rebooting them; surprisingly, the same 20 minute test revealed that LG G4 was now in DeepSleep for 16 minutes, the Z2 and Galaxy S5 had an equal rating of 14 minutes. The result was drastically better, do keep in mind that the WiFi was connected all the time and the little amount of wakelock was caused because of background processes.


Facebook didn’t launch an official statement over why this is happening, but it seems that the issue is global. Sadly, we don’t know which version caused this issue but if you are facing the issue too, you can try and roll-back to previous versions. Our personal advise would be to use 3rd party alternatives for overall better performance and battery life.

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