When one does not have access to internet and cannot send messages on WhatsApp or Facebook that is the time people turn to old fashioned text messages as they’re always reliable. As to make use of free text messaging app here we have compiled a list of top five free texting apps on Android for your convenience. Some of them have really attractive color schemes as well. Check out the list below.

Google Messenger

Google MessengerAlthough Google Hangouts is a really good texting app but it makes the process of sending text messages more complex so a better option is to use Google Messenger. It has several similar features as Hangouts. It has an attractive range of colors. It also enables users to send voice messages and pictures. All in all Google Messenger is a really good app and has all the necessary features.

Textra SMS

TextraTextra is considered one of the best texting and customization app on Android. It has a bunch of cool features that includes quick reply popups, customization of app icon and notification light and styles, floating notifications, more than a hundred different color schemes, and customization of theme. Another plus point is that it is compatible with PushBullet and Android Wear.

Chomp SMS

ChompChomp SMS is a really old app and has made its way up to one of the best Android texting apps. It has a massive variety emojis, for people who want more privacy this app is best as it includes passcode and message lock feature. Furthermore it even has blacklist, quick reply, customization options and is compatible with PushBullet and Android Wear.

Evolve SMS

EvolveEvolveSMS is another top notch Google-inspired app. EvolveSMS offers a whole bundle of features including MMS, gifs, smartwatch compatibility. It has an orange interface as default which is good but if you want more themes you can get the paid app and have the ability to customize. Although there are some things that can be customized in the free version.

The app is easy to use and has received positive feedback. The only downside is that is drains a lot of battery if installed on older phones.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private MessengerIf all you look for in a texting app is privacy then this is the ideal app for you. It gives you full privacy and not even lets the user take screen shots. Signal Private Messenger aka TextSecure encrypts your conversation once you register your number. No one can access these messages while it goes through the data centers. This app handles encrypted messages and secures them even in transit.