The Division’s DLC Will be a Timed Exclusive to Xbox One


The hype surrounding The Division is crazy, the game is releasing on all major platforms in March. However, we are not sure about how the game’s DLC is going to be released. The interesting bit about the DLC is that Xbox One gamers will be getting the DLC first.

Ubisoft actually mentioned that the Xbox One users will be getting the DLC before the rest of the platforms, this was done back in 2014 and ever since, Ubisoft didn’t say much about it. However, our source recently posted a screenshot taken from GameStop’s website, check out the image below.

The Division

As you can see, the ad clearly states that Xbox One version will be receiving the DLC first, however, there is no information on how long the exclusivity will be lasting. Gamers waiting should keep in mind that this isn’t the first time a game’s DLC has gone through timed exclusivity; Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 had the same for PS4.

While the Xbox One gamers are in a moment of rejoice, we are not sure about how the PC and PS4 gamers would react, whatever the case is, they are going to get the DLC sooner or later.

The Division’s Closed Beta will start 28th for the Xbox One users, as for the PS4 and PC gamers, the Beta will start on 29th January. We will keep you posted as soon as there’s more news about The Division. let us know what you think in the comments below.



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